Date: October 11, 2017

Review: The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner USA

Welcome to my blog and today we are going to unbox review and test very useful gadget for every car. You also can use this gadget to your home. Also, I actually found this product really so good. I used it and so I thought the post should be made of this thing. Because I like to write the post which are really cool products hell is going. Let’s see how this thing actually looks actually took it off before and packed it back.

The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner USA

So you can see what comes in the package when you buy a brand new. So you actually get this suction attachment then you actually get your portable vacuum cleaner itself. This is the best car vacuum cleaner available on the internet for you. Because other also I have tested it. I have a few inflators also but this actually sucks really so good. I mean suction power of this is a release of good.

I have tested it and I thought it should all there should be a post for it. Because this is really good. Actually, this is a how you of a smaller portable vacuum cleaner it comes with a cigarette plug.It goes to your car cigarette plug. How you can use this in a home also that I would tell you just roll up to some time say that. That’s what this actually comes with it has a very long cable.

So you can take that off a very long cable. I have tested very long cables is there actually you can just clean your car’s interior with it. It has an actually this articles over here to our dismantles this attachment from here. So we’ll just go ahead and let me show you how to do like that and it comes off do the same over here. There is one more post third one over here. So you like very easy like a Tiffin box and then it comes off like this inside it.

You actually get a some few other attachments. This is actually inflator. This is dry and a weight a vacuum cleaner for a car and also you can use it as well in a home also and this is inflator it actually inflates also and also sucks. So it has two functions in it and here it is ever a good long pipe. So this is a really good advantage of this that it has a pipe mechanism.

We can actually go anywhere into the car and use it here is a brush. Which actually goes over here sorry what here like so you can clean it. So let me just put this over here yeah very easy. It is fixed you can clean it. Let’s go ahead and let’s assemble it again but before that, you can see that it has a suction cap over here. Actually, all dust is going to gather over here actually going together in this bucket all water and dust and it should not go into the motor.

So they gave this you can actually take it off and clean it. I have to kit already off it has an elastic and it is actually a bag type thing. That’s a cloth and so it comes off. You can pull in it. Where is he this next thing? Let put it back how to put it back just hole like that first let this knob go down. Let me show with this angle. Let me just keep these all things over here. Because we need to focus on this one as you can see this knob over here just put that down totally.

Then give it a phrase you would press and nice we press over there and just fix like that. You can see just like a different box do this for other two also very easy one to just three does not take a lot of time. It’s very easy to do as you can see Joe. It is not totally fixed and we don’t need to actually take this thing again and again off. If you want to clean it, you can clean in one month once. But is not required to clean again and again so right now here for the testing purpose. I have an oh into the car right now outside.

Testing Car Vacuum Cleaner USA

There is a ray in actually so I’m not going to go in the car. But I have an another gadget over here which is this I’ve already done the review of it and it was actually a cigarette lock. That is also a car gadget. It’s a jumper cable and 18:1 it has lots of functions. It is good for indoor and outdoor. But we will not talk about that writing a lot because we are here for this post so I’m just going to plug into this cigarettes look.

This is just like a car. That’s a cop car power bag actually that is other cars get it only I’m the plug. I have plugged in and you can see it has a button over here the press down there and started working. The attachment will go like this if I want like say this attachment. I required just put like that into second. It is fixed and despite that thing will actually go over here. That’s it very easy.

Let’s keep that there and you can actually clean things take out the suction power lots of the invalided hike high pressure is there guess. I got everything you can just use another attachment to the insulator actually how to using so two seconds another attachment garage. We’ll do some tests with water and dust also in two seconds two minutes but before that let me show you all the things it has what function it has with it just take that pipe again off.

It very easy to remove and again this mandrel it back. I symbol it back okay it also has here if you put your pipe here, it is a suction. It sucks all the dirt and next function is inflating function which actually throws the throws the air of and for that. You need to put your a pipe over here and like this just put that down and it will actually now throw the air out. If you would put here.

It will suck the air. It is a work as a vacuum cleaner and when you put over here. It will work as a blower it will blow the air up. So it has two functions very beautiful this is and it is a dry and wet so there is no problem. If there is a wet situation, you can just do that also okay just let me now go and put some dust over here and some water and we’ll test that. I’m back and here it is some particles over here.

I just cut out the pieces of paper to show your demo. Let’s clean that put then, there I’ll give this let’s turn it on taking out the power of that’s why I write most of it. Because I let’s turn this thing off and now we will do a test of we will do now a test of a water. So here it is a water over here and I hope I’m going water over there. Maybe you can see that hopefully. Now this time I will use actually this one to grab that water.

Let’s turn it on what gone one you can see this water totally gone the just little bit of the little bit. The wait is over there remaining. So I will use actually now this again back to suck that remaining 1:31 now. If I want to just blow that water Android. I can just fix this pipe over there and I can use this vacuum cleaner as a blower and blow that all the water right now. There is no water over here just little bit wait is there.

Because this is an actual foam type material. So it sucks a little bit. So that just a review of this thing I just lower it. So I thought it will be better to make articles book for the people’s everyone would just like to see this. Thanks for watching and this is a really tiny mic thing for the prize and this is really good you just can take anywhere. It is not heavy at all but the sucking power is really good as a huge vacuum cleaner and if you want to use this in in your home then here.

It is that power back which I have connected right now with this-this power pack actually has a jumper cable also just let me go through a crew through it just in two seconds. You can use this actual indium. It has a jumper cable. It has a dynamo or to charge this thing back. It has a flashlight over here emergency light flashlight. Let’s say emergency light and if you put again back very pipe here.

If you want to know more Wagan 750 Wet and Dry Ultra Vac with Air Inflator, you can watch the video below to reference:

It is a battery indicator you can charge this also with a wall plug it has inbuilt 110-volt inverter over here and this is the plot of love from that. If you will just do this inverter is on you can just put your any laptop which is 150 watt over 150 watts actually. It works till 150 watts. It has a secret logout just we use that thing with this. So if you want to use that home, you can get this and this is also works really good for a car for emergency times.

It has a USB charger it has a wall output over here it has this everything inside it, which has actually insulator the tire inflator inbuilt. It is actually 18 one set. I just load this lot and I have a 30 minutes post very detail review. So I have given a link above paragraph for these both things these are really dynamited things and I just loved it so made a post out of it. Thanks for reading and I see you later.


Hello Everybody! It’s Mike and today I got you all looking at the two utility data for waterproof. So starting out with King Davenport.


I’m going to start with the sole. I like starting with the soles the Davenport sole slip-resistant 90-degree defined heel and you see all these little hexagonal patterns that are going on here those are all little slip-resistant pads. They’re different sizes and shapes in order to keep you from falling on yours. But wonderful design the other thing that doesn’t stand out just by looking at it until you kind of takes a deeper look at this whole.

It’s concave. It’s higher on the edges than it is in the middle and you don’t really feel it until you are in contact with water or oil. When you have these things out and you step in a puddle on a smooth floor. You’re going to understand why a concave here a thin sole boot is really important. Because it just sticks. It’s like glue you become spider-man on what surfaces.

Now the Davenport has the classic keen utility to the rubberized toe. So you can kick stuff all day long and keen utility even backs the rubber with some ever guard. You use ever guard on the toe and on the heel. So you can kick them on and off. You can just keep this boot together longer. Now keyless this boot as a medium duty boot. It’s not a heavy duty boot which makes us.

Because there’s no metal if a nonmetallic boot all the hardware the shank everything in the boot including the composition toe. There is no metal so you guys out at the airport you. We’ve got to do baggage handling work on the tarmac in and out of the rain hot cold weather all that stuff Airport guys perfect boot for you, so about that shank. It’s a TPU shank. So it’s not going to be the best.

If you’re let’s say a plumber or landscaper there would be a great boot for that kind of environment landscaping plumbing and whatnot the TPU shank is not going to allow you to spend all day on the shovel kicking it. It’s not the best. It’s not the strongest but for any other sort of work outside of kicking a shovel. The TPU shank is the great plus. You’re getting that 90 degrees defined heel in there so that means you’re going to be able to lock into things.

I mentioned that it’s all plastic hardware and you should not be afraid of the plastic hardware. Because it is high-impact plastic. We’re not talking water bottle plastic and we’re not talking your kids toy plastic. We’re talking heavy-duty plastic hair stuff is going to hold up to the work environment and Kincannon knows that. That’s why they use it now the laces and the lacing system is really pull from the outdoor world. The hiking market, the way this thing laces in and sucks into the foot is more like a hiking boot than a work boot ever has been and it shows and it helps.


It’s really comfortable laced up work boot. Keen is using what they call keen drives and if you know anything about keen. If you’ve worn King you know that keen drives are a pretty good waterproofing membrane. What you’re going to notice with this boot outside of some of the other kings? You’ve had in the past is just the attention to detail they took on the inside of the boot.

There are things going on inside here I just can’t get any photographs of I can’t even get any video cameras in there to show off. But there are some really nice details and one of those things is the way the King dries the bootie is situated inside. This book is that it goes from about right here all the way down into the toe section into the heel and it’s in that heel section that King knew that they just couldn’t have that liner in there.

So they attached a piece of leather in the heel pad and it’s such a nice material that when your foot is laced into this with this hiking lacing system with that heel cup and that heel material. The boot is really locked into your foot it becomes part of you. It is comped. It’s asymmetrical onto the weight King makes all their safety toe boots. It’s a little bit wider and longer on one side higher and more room on the other side for your big toe for just the way your toes fit and conform to the insides of a boot now the insole well.

It’s a keen sock liner like every other keen utility out there they use the sock liner and when it comes to key utility boots with these sock liners. They really do hold up and key utility does a really good job of not depending on the sock liner. But depending on the midsole and the outer sole in just what’s going on inside the whole boot to make a really comfortable boot.

Keen incorporated a material inside here called clean sport and XT which is an older control type material. It’s a work boot your feet are going to get stinky. I haven’t had any feedback from any of the guys on the other boots that have this odor control material in there. But I read almost all the science on it. I’ve seen what the company offers and it looks like it’s going to work.

It’s going to be antimicrobial type material and adding that to a work boot or any sort of odor control to a work boot just makes sense in this day and age with all the polypropylene socks with all the wicking materials. Your boots are going to get soaked so having something in there to break down a little bit of that stink is not a bad deal so about a size and fit well. When it comes to the keen utility the thing you got to remember if you’ve got a wide foot narrow arch narrow heel keen utilities are the most comfortable boots for you.

Because of the way they build the asymmetrical toe because they always incorporate this really tight arch and a tight heel cup. You’re going to get a really good fit usually you find guys that played sports that have had their feet abused from football baseball track stuff like that the high school type sports that you have a wider front of the foot just from slapping your foot around.  

Keen really works out well now for as much as Keens got going on inside these boots. You would expect them to be kind of heavy both think about this compo all nonmetallic hardware a nonmetallic shank. So you’re getting a lot of lightweight materials the weight comes into the slip resistant sole the midsole in just the leather and just the toe materials. That’s going to add some weight but still even with all those materials.

They’re the only way in at 4 pounds so that’s the devil waterproof calm tone a metallic hardware by a keen utility. If you’re currently wearing any of the keen utility Footwear please comment below let guys know what you think about the asymmetrical steel toe. If you currently have anything that has their slip resistant sole on it also comment below. Let guys know just how great this solar is on the wet surface?  If you’re interested in seeing some detail photos of this keen utility Davenport swing by the I’ll have a blog posting with some interesting stuff about the clean sports NXT odor control liner.

If you want to know more KEEN UTILITY DAVENPORT, you can watch the video below to reference:

I’ll have some of the numbers on the keying drives for how it works and the slip-resistant numbers for the sole all in a blog posting all at the boot guy comm all titled keen utility Devonport. Hey please don’t forget to hit my share button below. It really helps out and if you’re interested you can always follow me on Instagram and Twitter all week long and find an interesting boot.

I’m not taking some photos of these interesting boots and I’m posting it to those two services hey if you’re about to pick up a pair of keen utility boots no matter which one it is from the brand. You’ve got a few question about size fits whether or not it’s going to be the right type of boot for your line of work remember with a TPU shank. It doesn’t always work out the best in most environments. So if you’ve got some questions remember to shoot me over an email alright until next time I’m the boot guy and thanks a lot for reading.