Hey, what’s up to me here in this my English bulldog and today we just want to make this post for you. It’s going to be seven whole dog hacks things you should know before getting a bulldog adopting a little dog caring for a bulldog or here you have won some things. You may not know where you might need help?. These are just some things. We do they’re not things that you like have to do but anyways let’s get started.

What to Feed Your Dog?

So first on our list is going to be food and treats anything. You’re feeding your dog and for an English Bulldog. You want something that’s high in proteins but low in carbs which will help them not get a lot of weight. Which is another very important thing for English bulldogs? But for my dog – Ellie, she needs ACana brand from Canada Jesus the ranch land version, which is considered best dog food for English bulldogs and you can buy it at the website: https://petdt.com/best-dog-food-for-english-bulldogs/.

It’s all range free beef bison and lamb with also a lot of fruits and veggies like apples and spinach and it also has peppermint leaves in it. All these things are good for fast metabolism, which is also good for keeping your dog on schedule and not holding on to any excess weight. It’s also grain free which is probably the most important thing for an English Bulldog better safe than most of them do have skin issues.

So for an English Bulldog, you should just pick a grain free. If you can and a con is really good. It’s all like human grade food like you can eat it. If you wanted to like I mean I wouldn’t but you could another thing to know about feeding your English Bulldog. You really want to know the correct measurement to give your dog daily. Because they do gain weight really easily.

So you need to know if your English Bulldog is an active English Bulldog. I’m not so active English bulldog or it really lazy English bulldog. Either way, you don’t want to overfeed them Ellie eats half a cup in the morning and a half at night. She wasn’t eating much more than that before and told him into the bed and found out. She gained about five pounds which is a lot for English bulldog.

It’s actually really bad for them. Maybe you want to inquire with your vet about how much your dog should be eating daily and you want to cut it back slowly. So they don’t like going to shock or anything, but you really want to make sure. You’re feeding them the right amount.


So second on our list is going to be physical activity. If you’re giving your dog treats and stuff you want to make sure that they’re also exercising. It’s really important that Bulldogs don’t put on any extra weight. Because in the long run, it can be really bad for their joints their tails can also become inverted with just a couple extra pounds at it. So that’s pretty scary you have to watch out for that and although most of them.

Are you know lazy chill dogs you want to find what they like? And let them do it so like for my dog. Surely that’s our ball she really looks Ramon. So we play ball a lot you know we run around a lot she likes running, she likes chasing things. So you find anything for your name is pulled up to chase like maybe yourself. If you start running your Bulldog will probably chase.

They like roughhousing a little bit like you don’t want to like hurt them. But you know just like this kind of thing they really like that and they’ll get really hyper and that’s a good way to exercise and the best way to exercise your English Bulldog.

Walking your Bulldog

And walk them which is going to bring us into our third tip and trick. If you are using walking which I hope you are as have physical activity figured up that your English bulldogging.

Finally, you should always walk your English pull up on a harness instead of a collar and leash walking your Bulldog on a collar and leash. You can be very scary. You can choke your dog without even knowing that you’re choking your dog. You can damage the English bulldog’s trachea from walking them on a collar leash a choke chain anything.

English Bulldogs walk much better on harnesses le blocks or harness and the harness. We have for her is called the Wonder Walker body harness and you can get that on their website will link above paragraph walking your name’s pull up on a harness will also prevent most of the time your dog from developing dog aggression issues to other dogs. Because you’re not kind of stimulating the idea of another dog being a threat to them and then getting really defensive with a lot of English bulldogs do get defensive pretty easily.

But the harness stops that from happening at least harness. It can be super hard to find a harness right English Bulldog. Because they are so wide in the chest especially Ellie. The chest is extremely wide, especially for a girl English bulldog. But so the one that we have is not a step in. It’s a go goes over their head it looks like this and basically, it has a color on the top and everything else is black usually it comes in two different colors Ellie’s.

It’s just neutral but you can get this in an array of colors. There’s purple turquoise pink blue like any color you can think of but Ellie’s is just the neutral one and you just slide it right over their head like this and it goes underneath them, which I’m not going to do while she’s sitting down but just goes underneath the chest and clips on the side really easily and then you can clip the leash to this front part, which is going to prevent them from pulling.

We have the leash for them too, which is really cool it clips in word instead of downward so you push it in so it does it won’t come and you can also clip it to the top. If you have an English Bulldog that doesn’t pull you and that works too but this quote. There are two different options it’s really really adjustable these straps here are adjustable which is really good for your English Bulldog.


Because of their chest, this is the only harness. I found that is really comfortable for her. It was one of those can still wear collars we just used her to put her ID and her her pet license. So now our fourth a little bulldog hat is going to go into the grooming which is usually where most people get a little lost as far as taking care of them. If there’s a lot of weird things you wouldn’t think about you think short-haired dog.

That’s super easy to deal with but they do have very sensitive skin. You want to be using something. That’s hypoallergenic, first shampoo stuff for Ellie. She has a medicated shampoo is from the vet. It’s a skin guard CP and it has quarks a tine in it like a small percentage, which is really good for helping with any type of redness or if there’s like hot spots or any like bacteria on your skin or anything like that this helps to clear it and prevent it.

Since at least started using this once she had a little like fumble in her skin. It’s gotten much better and since we use this. You want to be giving your dog about your English following anyways once a week at least just to keep them clean it will help it’s kind of some people to think. It’s a little much but it’s really not and it’s not too bad. You just want to make sure when you give them a bath.

You’re not going to get water in their face. So we also have a sorry. We also have this thing called FaceTime, which is a really cool like papaya face you know foam for them. So we use this to clean our fake not her folds do not put this in your English bulldogs folds like it will not be good just this is just for her head. Because I don’t put any water on her head ever.

Because I don’t want to get water into her ears or into her folds these creases here the nose rope. So don’t put that in that but this is from the top of her head and like the cheeks over here and sometimes under her neck. Because I do not put water on her head at all which gets about.

Face Care

So the fifth English Bulldog little hack is going to face wipes. Which to me actually should be your number one thing you should be doing with your English bulldog. It’s super important a lot of people don’t even do it. It’s to have a good face way to clean this part here the nose rope and then this part here in their eyes on the sides. Ellie has one side her colored side that gets does getting a little funny like pretty.

So we have to wipe it out every day I watch her Ellie. I wipe her face every day. It’s important and it’s not that hard she doesn’t hate it.  It’s good for them I know some people only do it once a week but I don’t it’s usually not enough. Unless you have an English bulldog that doesn’t have a large rope. Some English Bulldogs don’t have the large rope some of them don’t have a lot of a lot of face wrinkles most of them do some of them have a lot more than Ellie.

In which case you might want to wipe your dog’s face twice a day instead of once but we weren’t winding hers twice a day. If you see the dog’s face getting more irritated from wiping it and you want to cut it back a little bit Ellie has two types of white. She has a white specially made from the vet, which is basically just going to munched in a 4 X 9 solution. Those are really strong and those are only four.

If her face gets infected at all. It’s like yeasty or bacterial ish and you’ll be able to tell single smell beard. You’ll be able to so those are for when something serious needs to be fixed around here but as far as like her everyday wipe. She has these really cool true-blue wipes. They’re you know just I like soap chamomile and cucumber and also they have the witch on them which helps with the redness the pinkness.

I use witch hazel of my own face and so I thought was really cool there were wipes bird dogs that are developed by the veterinarians that have witch hazel in them. It’s like to keep Le stuff as natural as possible. I don’t really like to use the quirks going once very often but these she likes they’re cooling. They feel really nice for her. You can use these for any dogs but they’re really good for English bulldogs.

Dental Hygiene

So Bulldog hack number six is going to be brushing their teeth. Ellie loves getting your teeth brushed some dogs don’t and it can be one of the harder grooming things to do for a dog especially an English Bulldog his teeth are kind of like all over the place. But Ellie loves it your Bulldog might love it. You should try she we have like a lot of different types of things that.

We use to brush your teeth but right now we’re using the cool little like finger toothbrush. She loves it but you just kind of like want to pick up this part and kind of brush in here and look around don’t you get the big ones get the canines get the small ones and that you can get the front ones Ellie loves it.  You can pretty much use any cheap paste this one has to face on it.

I’m just kind of showing you guys like how much she loves it. She loves getting a toothbrush. Brush their teeth is good for them their gums like theirs. I mean you never want to have. You want your Bulldog to live for forever really but you want them to live as long as possible and when they’re older II wasn’t enough good breath like you want to be able to kiss their face and stuff.

You want them to be able to do what they love which is eat so take care of their teeth. You can use different just make sure you use a pet C toothpaste. Ellie has a couple different ones, she’s a minty one she had like a like a ton of beefy flavor one the minty want smells better. She doesn’t like it as much so our seventh.

Paw Care

Final Bulldog hack is going to be the grooming of the paws their feet. You want to make sure that you’re cleaning those out regularly just as much as the face sometimes will also start limping and a lot of people think it’s from their droids fun really. It’s from their paws being slightly annoyed irritated or even infected. So you want to kind of get in there and clean out this part you know the middles and the pulp pads on the bottom.

You want to just make sure that they’re clean regularly especially. If you know it’s your dog licking at them or chewing on them. You want to make sure you’re cleaning them regularly um Ellie doesn’t like it too much but we do it and she’s used to it also we make sure that you’re clipping their nails too English bulldogs a lot of times their metal nails will solve down or rub down just from the way that they walk.

But you still need to take care of the other three nails. You want to clip them or dribble them, Ellie. We just use a clipper. She’s really good for clipping her nails and you want to make sure you quicks don’t grow up too long or anything like that um and then on top of all of that like cleaning their paws already and stuff. You want to make sure that their paw pads aren’t getting correct from walking just normal everyday life so for Ellie.

If you want to know more English Bulldogs, you can watch the video below to reference:

We use this all-natural paw see there is a company in Austin Texas natural dog company calm and it’s really good at Sue’s moisturizes and protects for the UM of their feet. You should definitely get this down for their nose too and I’m that’s going to wrap it up for all of our r7 Bulldog caps. So I hope that this helped you guys out and you guys watch more of our post that we make on but we gotta go feed Le. We’ll see you next time thanks for reading.