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Does Your Car Battery Charger Freeze in Cold Weather?

Many of us can wonder this “could a car battery charger freeze in the cold weather?” This is a common question for those who live in the region where a lower temperature is a popular condition in their lifetimes. The answer is “probably”, so you should pay attention to your car battery charger before the winter is coming. It is important to read this for your best car battery charger. But, how could I avoid this condition?

What can the cold season impact on your car?

There are many things you have to face when your car get stuff in the winter such as dead batteries, your car cannot start well, you may get a lot of flat tires, etc. It is a perfect combination of lots of things.

What should you do when your car cannot start?

It would be great if you have jumper cables and you know how to deal with it in a safe way. Then, you can stay ahead and undertake it as soon as possible.

If you are uncertain or you have no idea what to do, find someone who ensures what they should do. This is because you enable to make bigger issues or you ought to explore the batteries in a few minutes. Do not take a risk in a silly way like this!

How to begin your car in the freezing climate? (This is a reference for those who make sure how to tackle)

Freezing cold climate can get a negative influence on your car batteries. This is the reason why it is quite important to be prepared for the cold season and the car incident could happen.

Read the manual

Did you remember the manual of the manufacturer attached to the car when you purchased it? This is the reason you should not throw it away for the first few days of buying. The producer may guide you how to start your car in the cold climate that you missed!

Consult the further information in the Operator’s Manual immediately! If you do not keep it, you will order from a car dealer again, look around on an auto parts chain. Or you enable to go to the Internet and find out the useful websites to read the instruction. You may type car owner manual in the good search engines and choose the relevant results.

Begin your car’s engine

Initially, you should reduce the electrical sewer on the battery. This should be done when the car was last driven before the cold weather came. Along with the electrical reduction, you need to do some other tasks like:

  •    Close your car’s doors in order to hold the overhead light off;
  •    Switch off all accessories such as the heater or the blower, the radio, and lights as well.

Turn and keep the key for starting up to 10 seconds

Do not take it for any longer than 10 seconds because overworking the starter will not help it gets better to start. If you take the key in the burning, then you should turn it and check the key if the dashboard can light up. When doing so, there is at least one chance to connect to the battery. This is a good sign.

In case you do not hear any sound (starting up the engine sound or ticking voice) in addition to switching the key and no lights on the dash, you should have a surely dead battery. Stop and ask for help in jumping the battery.

Modify the key and try to begin the engine. Some hesitation does not hurt the inside motor. If you see a ticking without having engine turnover, you will get a specific situation – the battery power does not have enough energy to start the ignition.

Stopping this point as the battery is too emptied to begin precisely. If the engine does not crank, you should wait a few minutes and be patient to try it again. Sometimes, this will take some residual charge to create the battery with an available setup in the engine.

Undertake the battery recover again (when your car fails to start)

After 10 or 20 seconds of cracking, if your car cannot start quite well and smooth, you will stop and wait for a couple of minutes. Then, you enable to try to start again. By doing this, the battery charger can have enough time to recover and make it warmer. This permits the starter to convert to cool down again.

If your car is coming close to launching but it seems inactive, you should give it a break time and let’s do it again. In case the battery will not have any positive sign in order to turn the engine over, then you could jump it because it is discharged!

After trying tons of times, the condition is not better; you should heat up the battery charger. Remove and bring it inside, but keep in mind that you probably have a bad fault indication after it is reloaded. In the coldest weather, it might spend more than 2 hours to warm the battery to boost available amperage.

See more:

The best car battery charger often needs to keep it on the safe roads. And in this situation, it is a challenging game to solve the issue – starting your car in the freezing weather. Take it easy and do not scare!

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Good High Arches Running Shoes

High arches condition is one of the most popular issues with runners; especially when they maintain this activity on a regular basis. Although it is not difficult to treat, you should find out the main cause. If not, this state cannot eliminate at all. In this situation, you should have the right high-arched support as well as good high arches running shoes. Also, you need to receive the true treatment at the same time. And this article is for you right now!

Understand the cause of high-arched problems

For those who have high arches, there will be a huge amount of their weight put on their heel and ball on their foot. This usually takes pain and uncertainty.

Their feet often roll out than others. This issue can happen at any age and gender. They enable to occur in both feet and one foot only.

In general, the main cause of high-arched trouble comes from neurologic disorder. Sometimes, it can appear in some medical condition like cerebral palsy, polio, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, strokes, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, etc. Also, it is a consequence of a rooted structural malformation.

Some treatments of the high-arched condition

If you have a high arch, you will need to purchase good high arches running shoes with built-in padding.

Or you enable to have a right pair of shoes with a high-quality arch support system. These supports can minimize pressure by improving the impact in every step when running or walking. They also lift your body weight more than your feet.

Another solution is to adjust your daily activities to decrease stress on your feet. For example, you should run short distance instead of long roads.

On the flip side, for those who wear high heels all the time, they often have this condition. So, they should not wear this type of shoes on daily basis.

Suitable orthotic devices in your shoes are also another great treatment as they ought to offer more cushioning and firmness to your feet. An operation to modify your arches is quite good when a well-trained surgeon.

They will help you to keep your ankle and foot stable.  Your foot drop is also controlled. For those who have the neurologic disorder, they will be recommended the surgery.

How to choose good high arches running shoes

Your shape of feet

There are 3 main types of shape on your foot which are flat feet, a neutral one, and high arches. When you know your shape, choose the best shoes are not a difficult question. Remember your shape of feet when purchasing.

Cushioning level

Whether you get knee pain or high arches, your shoes should have an excellent cushioning level. The right pair of shoes for high arches mostly have cushioning put along with the outside of shoes and solve your issue when your foot roll out.

With neutral shoes, cushioning is also crucial, particularly in the heel area. They are not heavy and bulky as your foot does not roll toward. Also, these high-arches running shoes are made with more cushioning level, but the size and weight are similar to other shoes.

Today, you can see tons of cushioning level used in running shoes to assist arch support like gel, glycerin, foam cushioning, etc. Some shoes also have fixed padding while other shoes have separate ones.

How to know which ones is comfortable and suitable cushioning for your feet? Take your time to try them on with different shoes is the key.


Flexibility is another essential point to consider for everyone to choose a pair of shoes. It is also important for runners who have high arches.

Adaptability will get the rigidity of your feet back and distribute the influence in each footstep easier. The pliability of shoes relies on a soft upper.

The soles of each shoe also should be pliable. To know the flexibility, you enable to bend the shoes in different sides to check the level of that pair of shoes.

Shape of shoes

After realizing the shape of your feet, knowing the shape of shoes is also crucial. Pay attention to the running shoes with a curved last to offer you more neutral running experience. Your foot will be encouraged to get light pronation.

A slip fast is another feature to help you receive good footstep on each road as the shoes are flexible. Also, a good cushioning is also an extra point to add.


Besides of flexibility and cushioning level, good shoes for high-arched problem need to have solid stability. If the shoes cannot offer enough of it, then you could put more support in your shoes.

Time to select the running shoes

Most people ignore the time to choose their shoes. They can select these at any time they want to! You need to find out the expiration of your present shoes and see some local shop in your region. When entering the offline shoe shop, you should try shoes on in the evening or late afternoon to have the right shape of your feet.


The hurt truth is that most brands do not show which shoes are suitable for high-arches people and which ones are not. Thus, you should spend the time to do some in-depth knowledge before putting money in your wallet.

Implotex 480W review: Whispering air compressor?

So this is something new to me. I was contacted by magnetportal. They have noticed I’ve bought a lot of magnets from them and wrote some interesting post with the magnets. As thanks, they would like to sponsor a post by sending me an air compressor for a test from one of their other websites and it’s considered air compressor reviews consumer reports, all who appreciate good about it.

Overview about Implotex 480W

At first, I didn’t like the idea. In my mind air compressors are boring. But I realized it wasn’t a noise discount model I could test. And interesting science is hiding even in the air. The model we are going to take a closer look at is called the Implotex 480W Silent-Compressor. It’s their smallest model but still priced at €370. It is clearly not built to be as cheap as possible. Instead, it seems to be built to be as quiet as possible.

That caught my attention because I have only used annoyingly loud air compressors. This one should be silent enough to have a conversation at a normal level with the compressor turned on. That would be a new and pleasant experience for me. Hard to believe. Here we have it. A nice compact design with a small 9 l tank. This one is not big enough to inflate an airship with helium but it’s suitable for the common household needs.

Like inflating a tire or football and dusting things with a blast of air. Implotex does have much larger but still quite quiet models if you need something of more industrial capacity. The compressor is almost ready to be used out-of-the-box. The only assembly needed is to fit this air filter and yes, it does come with this roll of thread seal tape. Being curious I had to open this air filter to see what’s inside. If you use the compressor in a dirty and dusty environment you may need to clean or even replace this air filter once in a while.

After wrapping the tape two times around the thread I installed the filter on the intake. This will not be under high pressure so you only need to tighten it by hand. That was easy. Let’s fire it up for the first time. Will it make less noise than my standard compressor? Here we go! I may have focused too much on setting up the camera and forgot a smaller detail. Or maybe I’m just an idiot – take two! That is silent.

I’m impressed. It may sound loud sitting right in front of the camera but you could easily hear me. Couldn’t you? Let me try to compare it with the noise of this standard compressor using a sound level meter and uncompressed sound recordings. First I measured the standard compressor. At 1 m distance, it hit around 87 dB. Then I turned up the microphone until the sound was just about to this post.

Recordings comparable

I used this exact setting on the microphone for recording both compressors making the sound level in the two recordings comparable. After recording the standard model I switched it out with the Implotex. No reaction on the 90 dB scale. None on the 80 dB scale. A little on the 70 dB. At the same distance, it only measured 64 dB. That’s a huge difference. Let’s listen to the Implotex recording first.

Here you can see the waveform of the recording in the program WavePad. The two spikes are the switch for turning the compressor on and an air vent at the end when it reaches 8 bar. So believe it or not: The on/off switch is the loudest part on this compressor. Let’s listen to it for a few seconds. Now let’s listen to my standard discount compressor. As you can tell by the waveform you may want to turn down the volume now.

Are you ready to hear the difference? I’m gonna play it now… You may not have heard the whole difference. Computers – especially laptops – can be set up to turn up low-level sounds to make them audible for you. In the next post, I will play the Implotex in the left blog and the standard in the right blog. This should really show you the difference in sound and noise level. Here it comes. This may seem wrong. After all the difference in dB-reading is only 36% but the blue devil appears to be several times louder?

Well, it is. The decibel scale is just tricky to understand and make calculations with. The decibel is a logarithmic unit and indicates the ratio of a measured value compared to a reference level. When decibel is used to measure a sound pressure level in the air the reference sound pressure is typically 20 micropascals. This is chosen because it’s considered the lowest sound pressure level a human can hear. 

If at the right frequency and you’re young and your fresh ears are not worn out by loud sounds. 20 micropascals is a really low pressure. For comparison, we can also hear a sound pressure of 20 pascals but it starts getting unpleasant maybe even painful at this level. This is a difference of 1:1 000 000. Such a scale is not practical. Especially when you realize the two readings from the compressors are down here.

This is where the decibel comes in handy because it is logarithmic to base 10 which fits much better to the way our hearing works. The conversion gives us a range from 0 to 120 dB which is easier to handle than 0.00002 to 20 pascals. It’s also a better visualization of how we hear changes in sound pressure levels. In general we humans experience an increase of 10 dB as twice as loud.

So the increase of 23 dB between the two compressors isn’t just 36% louder. It’s actually around 5 times as loud to us. To be fair the discount compressor delivers more than double as much air. But still, 5 times as loud is a lot! Let me show you another test. The vibration test. Here we have the Implotex standing on the table alongside 3 glasses filled with water. When I turn on the compressor it’s hardly visible in the glasses.

Let’s compare it with the other one.That’s worse than a T-rex approaching. Guess what compressor your neighbors would prefer you have? Especially if you live in an apartment.

This easy-going nature of the Implotex model makes it a pleasure to do experiments with compressed air. Here I balance a ball on a stream of air. This is possible due to the Bernoulli’s Principle. Bernoulli discovered that the faster air flows past something – the less the air pushes on it. In other words – and this is counterintuitive to me: The moving air stream from the nozzle has less air pressure than the static air around it.

So the ball is sucked in by the low pressure in the stream and pushed in by the higher pressure of the static air. At the same time, the moving air is hitting the ball pushing it upwards while gravity is pulling it downwards. All these forces combine and make the ball float in the air. Clearly, the balance point isn’t the same for all sizes. Back to the review. Let’s take a look at power consumption. The Implotex draws between 400 and 537 W – averaging around 480 W. The other one draws much more with an average around 1250 W. For the same air volume the power consumption is close but a little better on the Implotex. Alright, time for the conclusion. I really like how quiet this compressor is. 64 dB at 1 in a small, closed room with reflections is a great result.

If you want to know more about Implotex 480W, you can watch the video below to reference:

Outside or in a normal working distance from the compressor, the stated 48-55 dB should be realistic. So all in all: If you will pay for the luxury of a silent compressor and have no need for high-capacity I can highly recommend this one. Are… are you still watching? The post is kinda over. OK. I have one small detail left if you’re interested in chemistry. If we look carefully at the safety valve there appears to be a chemical formula written on it. But it isn’t. Instead, it shows that a leaded brass was used for the safety valve – which makes perfect sense. When lead is added to brass it makes the alloy easier to a machine but due to its lower melting point, it also seals shrinkage pores in cast brass. So lead gives brass better pressure tightness – which is convenient in an air compressor. Thanks for reading!

#7 Tips, Tricks For Caring For your English Bulldogs

Hey, what’s up to me here in this my English bulldog and today we just want to make this post for you. It’s going to be seven whole dog hacks things you should know before getting a bulldog adopting a little dog caring for a bulldog or here you have won some things. You may not know where you might need help?. These are just some things. We do they’re not things that you like have to do but anyways let’s get started.

What to Feed Your Dog?

So first on our list is going to be food and treats anything. You’re feeding your dog and for an English Bulldog. You want something that’s high in proteins but low in carbs which will help them not get a lot of weight. Which is another very important thing for English bulldogs? But for my dog – Ellie, she needs ACana brand from Canada Jesus the ranch land version, which is considered best dog food for English bulldogs and you can buy it at the website:

It’s all range free beef bison and lamb with also a lot of fruits and veggies like apples and spinach and it also has peppermint leaves in it. All these things are good for fast metabolism, which is also good for keeping your dog on schedule and not holding on to any excess weight. It’s also grain free which is probably the most important thing for an English Bulldog better safe than most of them do have skin issues.

So for an English Bulldog, you should just pick a grain free. If you can and a con is really good. It’s all like human grade food like you can eat it. If you wanted to like I mean I wouldn’t but you could another thing to know about feeding your English Bulldog. You really want to know the correct measurement to give your dog daily. Because they do gain weight really easily.

So you need to know if your English Bulldog is an active English Bulldog. I’m not so active English bulldog or it really lazy English bulldog. Either way, you don’t want to overfeed them Ellie eats half a cup in the morning and a half at night. She wasn’t eating much more than that before and told him into the bed and found out. She gained about five pounds which is a lot for English bulldog.

It’s actually really bad for them. Maybe you want to inquire with your vet about how much your dog should be eating daily and you want to cut it back slowly. So they don’t like going to shock or anything, but you really want to make sure. You’re feeding them the right amount.


So second on our list is going to be physical activity. If you’re giving your dog treats and stuff you want to make sure that they’re also exercising. It’s really important that Bulldogs don’t put on any extra weight. Because in the long run, it can be really bad for their joints their tails can also become inverted with just a couple extra pounds at it. So that’s pretty scary you have to watch out for that and although most of them.

Are you know lazy chill dogs you want to find what they like? And let them do it so like for my dog. Surely that’s our ball she really looks Ramon. So we play ball a lot you know we run around a lot she likes running, she likes chasing things. So you find anything for your name is pulled up to chase like maybe yourself. If you start running your Bulldog will probably chase.

They like roughhousing a little bit like you don’t want to like hurt them. But you know just like this kind of thing they really like that and they’ll get really hyper and that’s a good way to exercise and the best way to exercise your English Bulldog.

Walking your Bulldog

And walk them which is going to bring us into our third tip and trick. If you are using walking which I hope you are as have physical activity figured up that your English bulldogging.

Finally, you should always walk your English pull up on a harness instead of a collar and leash walking your Bulldog on a collar and leash. You can be very scary. You can choke your dog without even knowing that you’re choking your dog. You can damage the English bulldog’s trachea from walking them on a collar leash a choke chain anything.

English Bulldogs walk much better on harnesses le blocks or harness and the harness. We have for her is called the Wonder Walker body harness and you can get that on their website will link above paragraph walking your name’s pull up on a harness will also prevent most of the time your dog from developing dog aggression issues to other dogs. Because you’re not kind of stimulating the idea of another dog being a threat to them and then getting really defensive with a lot of English bulldogs do get defensive pretty easily.

But the harness stops that from happening at least harness. It can be super hard to find a harness right English Bulldog. Because they are so wide in the chest especially Ellie. The chest is extremely wide, especially for a girl English bulldog. But so the one that we have is not a step in. It’s a go goes over their head it looks like this and basically, it has a color on the top and everything else is black usually it comes in two different colors Ellie’s.

It’s just neutral but you can get this in an array of colors. There’s purple turquoise pink blue like any color you can think of but Ellie’s is just the neutral one and you just slide it right over their head like this and it goes underneath them, which I’m not going to do while she’s sitting down but just goes underneath the chest and clips on the side really easily and then you can clip the leash to this front part, which is going to prevent them from pulling.

We have the leash for them too, which is really cool it clips in word instead of downward so you push it in so it does it won’t come and you can also clip it to the top. If you have an English Bulldog that doesn’t pull you and that works too but this quote. There are two different options it’s really really adjustable these straps here are adjustable which is really good for your English Bulldog.


Because of their chest, this is the only harness. I found that is really comfortable for her. It was one of those can still wear collars we just used her to put her ID and her her pet license. So now our fourth a little bulldog hat is going to go into the grooming which is usually where most people get a little lost as far as taking care of them. If there’s a lot of weird things you wouldn’t think about you think short-haired dog.

That’s super easy to deal with but they do have very sensitive skin. You want to be using something. That’s hypoallergenic, first shampoo stuff for Ellie. She has a medicated shampoo is from the vet. It’s a skin guard CP and it has quarks a tine in it like a small percentage, which is really good for helping with any type of redness or if there’s like hot spots or any like bacteria on your skin or anything like that this helps to clear it and prevent it.

Since at least started using this once she had a little like fumble in her skin. It’s gotten much better and since we use this. You want to be giving your dog about your English following anyways once a week at least just to keep them clean it will help it’s kind of some people to think. It’s a little much but it’s really not and it’s not too bad. You just want to make sure when you give them a bath.

You’re not going to get water in their face. So we also have a sorry. We also have this thing called FaceTime, which is a really cool like papaya face you know foam for them. So we use this to clean our fake not her folds do not put this in your English bulldogs folds like it will not be good just this is just for her head. Because I don’t put any water on her head ever.

Because I don’t want to get water into her ears or into her folds these creases here the nose rope. So don’t put that in that but this is from the top of her head and like the cheeks over here and sometimes under her neck. Because I do not put water on her head at all which gets about.

Face Care

So the fifth English Bulldog little hack is going to face wipes. Which to me actually should be your number one thing you should be doing with your English bulldog. It’s super important a lot of people don’t even do it. It’s to have a good face way to clean this part here the nose rope and then this part here in their eyes on the sides. Ellie has one side her colored side that gets does getting a little funny like pretty.

So we have to wipe it out every day I watch her Ellie. I wipe her face every day. It’s important and it’s not that hard she doesn’t hate it.  It’s good for them I know some people only do it once a week but I don’t it’s usually not enough. Unless you have an English bulldog that doesn’t have a large rope. Some English Bulldogs don’t have the large rope some of them don’t have a lot of a lot of face wrinkles most of them do some of them have a lot more than Ellie.

In which case you might want to wipe your dog’s face twice a day instead of once but we weren’t winding hers twice a day. If you see the dog’s face getting more irritated from wiping it and you want to cut it back a little bit Ellie has two types of white. She has a white specially made from the vet, which is basically just going to munched in a 4 X 9 solution. Those are really strong and those are only four.

If her face gets infected at all. It’s like yeasty or bacterial ish and you’ll be able to tell single smell beard. You’ll be able to so those are for when something serious needs to be fixed around here but as far as like her everyday wipe. She has these really cool true-blue wipes. They’re you know just I like soap chamomile and cucumber and also they have the witch on them which helps with the redness the pinkness.

I use witch hazel of my own face and so I thought was really cool there were wipes bird dogs that are developed by the veterinarians that have witch hazel in them. It’s like to keep Le stuff as natural as possible. I don’t really like to use the quirks going once very often but these she likes they’re cooling. They feel really nice for her. You can use these for any dogs but they’re really good for English bulldogs.

Dental Hygiene

So Bulldog hack number six is going to be brushing their teeth. Ellie loves getting your teeth brushed some dogs don’t and it can be one of the harder grooming things to do for a dog especially an English Bulldog his teeth are kind of like all over the place. But Ellie loves it your Bulldog might love it. You should try she we have like a lot of different types of things that.

We use to brush your teeth but right now we’re using the cool little like finger toothbrush. She loves it but you just kind of like want to pick up this part and kind of brush in here and look around don’t you get the big ones get the canines get the small ones and that you can get the front ones Ellie loves it.  You can pretty much use any cheap paste this one has to face on it.

I’m just kind of showing you guys like how much she loves it. She loves getting a toothbrush. Brush their teeth is good for them their gums like theirs. I mean you never want to have. You want your Bulldog to live for forever really but you want them to live as long as possible and when they’re older II wasn’t enough good breath like you want to be able to kiss their face and stuff.

You want them to be able to do what they love which is eat so take care of their teeth. You can use different just make sure you use a pet C toothpaste. Ellie has a couple different ones, she’s a minty one she had like a like a ton of beefy flavor one the minty want smells better. She doesn’t like it as much so our seventh.

Paw Care

Final Bulldog hack is going to be the grooming of the paws their feet. You want to make sure that you’re cleaning those out regularly just as much as the face sometimes will also start limping and a lot of people think it’s from their droids fun really. It’s from their paws being slightly annoyed irritated or even infected. So you want to kind of get in there and clean out this part you know the middles and the pulp pads on the bottom.

You want to just make sure that they’re clean regularly especially. If you know it’s your dog licking at them or chewing on them. You want to make sure you’re cleaning them regularly um Ellie doesn’t like it too much but we do it and she’s used to it also we make sure that you’re clipping their nails too English bulldogs a lot of times their metal nails will solve down or rub down just from the way that they walk.

But you still need to take care of the other three nails. You want to clip them or dribble them, Ellie. We just use a clipper. She’s really good for clipping her nails and you want to make sure you quicks don’t grow up too long or anything like that um and then on top of all of that like cleaning their paws already and stuff. You want to make sure that their paw pads aren’t getting correct from walking just normal everyday life so for Ellie.

If you want to know more English Bulldogs, you can watch the video below to reference:

We use this all-natural paw see there is a company in Austin Texas natural dog company calm and it’s really good at Sue’s moisturizes and protects for the UM of their feet. You should definitely get this down for their nose too and I’m that’s going to wrap it up for all of our r7 Bulldog caps. So I hope that this helped you guys out and you guys watch more of our post that we make on but we gotta go feed Le. We’ll see you next time thanks for reading.

Guide Buy & Review: Top 3 Best 1911 Pistol Handguns Under $1000

Hey, what’s going on guys chatter with Mike and welcome to this new of post? So today we’re talking about one of my very favorite kinds of guns. We’re talking about 1911. It’s been around for a very long time. It’s got that iconic look shoots so smooth. It’s just a great gun and there’s a lot of people out there who kind of want to get into 1911. But they don’t know, where to start? So they just search best 1911 for the money and are blown away by the prices.

Top 3 Best 1911 Pistol Handguns Under $1000

You know there are people paying thousands and thousands of dollars for those really high-end in 1911 even kind of more on the mid to high-end range. You’re still looking above $1000. So I wanted to put together this list of the top three best 1911 under $1000 to give some of you. Who is maybe looking to get into that range? Who wants to still get a good quality gun?

But maybe don’t want to drop a huge amount of cash on it. So today we’re here at discount guns and ammo near Salt Lake City Utah as always big shout out to these guys awesome people great range great store just a great atmosphere here. So if you’re near Salt Lake City definitely check them out their information will be down in the link above paragraph.

So let’s dive into the guns if you’re just getting into 1911’s and aren’t quite sure what one is and all the kind of specifics of one we do have a post going over all the basics of 1911. You can check that out right here so assuming that you know all the basics.

Ruger SR9

Let’s dive in number three on our list is the Ruger sr9 teen 11. This is the four-inch barrel. There’s a five-inch barrel there’s a couple different colors and designs and stuff. So check out the website to see all the different versions available. But I want to talk about this one specifically. Because it’s such a good price. It’s such a good value for your money. Let’s put it that way you know it’s kind of built on that very traditional 1911 frame with a couple differences.

You have this extended beaver tail here to really really kind of shield your hand and help out be getting shooters and stuff. Because this slide that thing will cut you up fast. If you don’t know what you’re doing? It’s got a skeletonized hammer back here for a little bit faster cycling. It’s got a skeletonize trigger as well as you know it’s adjustable on that trigger so and then the website also talks about things like the barrel and the bushing being cut from the same block of steel to improve accuracy.

I don’t know how far that goes with the average shooter, but I will say I’ve had a pretty good experience with this you know I’ve shot this gun quite a bit and for the price value. It’s a good shooting gun you know it feels solid like I said so why is this number three on the list well. There are a couple things you’ve given up with that price difference one thing is you know with 1911 there are so many moving parts so many parts that are hooking together.

But when they’re all just kind of CNC machined together like a gun like this the tolerances are a little bit different than some of the really high-end stuff. You may have heard people talk about like a real glass slide that slides just super easy and it’s so smooth. This isn’t one of those guns. You’ve got a little bit of resistance and it’s just kind of a little bit. I don’t know it’s maybe not quite as smooth as other slides the other thing.

I’m going to say is this trigger. It’s certainly still a very good trigger. It’s just got a little bit of creep. You know when you take it back to that wall. You take up the slack and you pull through. It’s not just a tiny bit of creep and then it breaks once. It actually does break. It’s relatively crisp the reset has a little bit of resistance kind of stuttery before you actually hit it. It’s just not one of those really really high-end triggers but it is your first 1911.

It’s a trigger. That’s going to get you use to that style and you’re really going to be able to learn pretty easily on this thing finally let’s talk about price point on this thing as usual price is really hard to discuss. Because it changes so much depending on when you read this post where you are all these different kinds of things. But I will tell you discount guns and Hamill in Salt Lake City as of the time this post is being made has this gun for 719 dollars and 99 cents.

So well under our thousand dollar price point and it’s just it’s a really good gun. It’s a really good value for that price keep in mind you know the different colors and the different models and stuff are going to vary on that price a little bit but that gives you a pretty good ballpark.

Remington in 1911 R1

Number two on our list and I was weighing them out a bunch. But I ended up going with the Remington in 1911 r1 enhanced for number two. This is a fantastic gun for the price. You know it’s kind of geared a little more towards that competition look and stuff. It’s maybe not quite as traditional looking but keep in mind there is also a Remington r1 in just a regular r1 1911 that kind of falls in line with maybe the Ruger sr9 1011.

Those are pretty close in quality but this enhanced one kind of brings it to the next level for those competition shooters for those guys. Who wants to shoot a little bit more? Maybe seriously so this thing is awesome. It’s still got a lot of these fancy features. We’ve got the skeletonized hammer in the back for quick recycling. We’ve got a skeletonized match-grade trigger this trigger is very good and it is adjustable for an overtravel on the sights.

You’ve got blacked-out rears and a front red fiber-optic. I really like that when shooting outdoors and stuff that fiber-optic just gather so much light and by just using front sight focus that thing just pops right on the target. I really like that the extended beavertail safety again just to make sure your hand is out of the way and safe. If your shooting competition or something like that you’re throwing a lot of rounds downrange.

You don’t want to be thinking about if your hands going to get cut up or something like that. It’s also got an extended thumb safety this one also has the front serrations as well as the rear serrations on the slide here and then it comes with kind of an extended mag. So you’re holding eight rounds as opposed to the traditional seven rounds in 1911. I think it comes with two of these magazines.

This r1 enhanced is a great gun taking a step up from that Ruger sr9 teen 11. I was talking about the slide maybe not being quite as smooth as some of the other guns. This one is definitely a step in the right direction. It’s much much smoother the tall options are a little bit better. You’re still getting a little bit of play in there but that’s to be expected in this price range but overall. I mean the smoothness of this thing is a great buy for this price.

We’re going to step up from that Ruger sr9 teen eleven is the trigger on this guy. So it is adjustable for overtravel and it this one just kind of takes away that creep that you felt on that last one. So if you take up the slack on this trigger. You’ll hit that nice wall and there’s very little slack and then once you pull through. It’s a very crisp pull. You don’t get any of that kind of stutter e creep that you got in the other models and the rest is quite a big difference.

You’ve got a little bit of travel but it’s very smooth. It’s not kind of jumbly and stuttery like before this gun is meant for competition. It’s meant for serious shooters and for the price point. That it’s hard to beat.

Springfield 1911 A1

Let’s talk about products point on this thing again you’re going to have a lot of variation in price depending on the model and the designs that you choose but for this one specifically this guns and ammo have it listed for $999.99. So just barely coming in under that thousand dollar price point. So finally coming in at number one is the Springfield 1911 a1 range officer model.

This thing is just so hard to beat in that sub thousand dollar category. It’s just got it all match grade trigger a match grade barrel target sights. This one specifically is chambered a nine-millimeter. It comes in nine and forty-five. I’m a nine-millimeter guy. So I love that it comes in nine millimeters. You can get nine rounds in these magazines shooting a nine millimeter is a smooth already throw that on a five-inch steel frame and man this thing is a dream to shoot.

You’ve got all these same nice features like your extended beaver tail. You’ve got a really skeletonized ow hammer just for fast cycling. You’ve got a skeletonize trigger which is again adjustable for over travel. That is aluminum match grade trigger by the way and then the sights up. You’ve got front fiberoptic as well as an adjustable rear a blacked out sight and then like I mentioned you’ve got nine rounds in this thing so an overall beast of a gun.

What we’ve really been talking about on the last two is the slide and the trigger and how that kind of set them apart from each other? So let’s check this slide out for the sub-1000 dollar price range that thing is crazy smooth. That’s about as glass as it gets for under that thousand dollar price range and that triggers got just a tiny bit of travel to that wall a very very distinct wall and then once.

You hit that wall zero creeps. It’s really nice and the rest is very crisp as well. So you combine the slide the smoothness of the slide you know just the fit of all the components. You can tell how tight everything fits together in this gun as well as that trigger and this thing is that. It’s a shoo-in for number one on this list right now discount guns and ammo have this gun listed at 980 $9.99 to $10 under that previous Remington r1 enhanced.

It has that buttery smooth slide and that ultra crisp trigger. It’s got the match-grade barrel the match-grade trigger and it just feels so good. I also love the fact that comes in nine-millimeter and 45 and again. There’s a bunch of different design sizes colors everything for this gun. So if you’re interested in it makes sure to check out my website and you can see everything they have to offer in order to keep these post short.

I just kind of have to give a brief overview of the highlights of these guns but of course, there is a lot more kind of technical specifications. If that’s something you’re into definitely check out that respective website. They’ve got all that stuff listed out for you so there you have it/ There’s our list of the top three best 1911 under $1000. There are a bunch more guns out there what do you guys think you agree with this list do you disagree with this list. What would you put on this list leave me a comment down below?

Let’s help out all these future people that are going to be viewing this post. Let’s get them you know a good comment section to go through some more options as well but overall. I’m really happy with these choices. I think if you went with either three of these choices. It’s not only would you be very happy with the quality of the gun. But your wallet would be very happy in terms of the quality that you’re getting for that dollar value.

You may also like 1911 Pistol under $500, you can watch the video below to reference:

If you guys enjoyed the articles please leave me a thumbs up down below leave me some comments down below. If you think this post can help other people out please share it and follow the blog. We’ve got a lot more stuff coming we have the main post coming every Friday behind the scenes vlogs coming every Monday. So thanks so much for reading. If you haven’t seen these other two post. Please check them out and we’ll see you next weekend – Mike.

Review: The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner USA

Welcome to my blog and today we are going to unbox review and test very useful gadget for every car. You also can use this gadget to your home. Also, I actually found this product really so good. I used it and so I thought the post should be made of this thing. Because I like to write the post which are really cool products hell is going. Let’s see how this thing actually looks actually took it off before and packed it back.

The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner USA

So you can see what comes in the package when you buy a brand new. So you actually get this suction attachment then you actually get your portable vacuum cleaner itself. This is the best car vacuum cleaner available on the internet for you. Because other also I have tested it. I have a few inflators also but this actually sucks really so good. I mean suction power of this is a release of good.

I have tested it and I thought it should all there should be a post for it. Because this is really good. Actually, this is a how you of a smaller portable vacuum cleaner it comes with a cigarette plug.It goes to your car cigarette plug. How you can use this in a home also that I would tell you just roll up to some time say that. That’s what this actually comes with it has a very long cable.

So you can take that off a very long cable. I have tested very long cables is there actually you can just clean your car’s interior with it. It has an actually this articles over here to our dismantles this attachment from here. So we’ll just go ahead and let me show you how to do like that and it comes off do the same over here. There is one more post third one over here. So you like very easy like a Tiffin box and then it comes off like this inside it.

You actually get a some few other attachments. This is actually inflator. This is dry and a weight a vacuum cleaner for a car and also you can use it as well in a home also and this is inflator it actually inflates also and also sucks. So it has two functions in it and here it is ever a good long pipe. So this is a really good advantage of this that it has a pipe mechanism.

We can actually go anywhere into the car and use it here is a brush. Which actually goes over here sorry what here like so you can clean it. So let me just put this over here yeah very easy. It is fixed you can clean it. Let’s go ahead and let’s assemble it again but before that, you can see that it has a suction cap over here. Actually, all dust is going to gather over here actually going together in this bucket all water and dust and it should not go into the motor.

So they gave this you can actually take it off and clean it. I have to kit already off it has an elastic and it is actually a bag type thing. That’s a cloth and so it comes off. You can pull in it. Where is he this next thing? Let put it back how to put it back just hole like that first let this knob go down. Let me show with this angle. Let me just keep these all things over here. Because we need to focus on this one as you can see this knob over here just put that down totally.

Then give it a phrase you would press and nice we press over there and just fix like that. You can see just like a different box do this for other two also very easy one to just three does not take a lot of time. It’s very easy to do as you can see Joe. It is not totally fixed and we don’t need to actually take this thing again and again off. If you want to clean it, you can clean in one month once. But is not required to clean again and again so right now here for the testing purpose. I have an oh into the car right now outside.

Testing Car Vacuum Cleaner USA

There is a ray in actually so I’m not going to go in the car. But I have an another gadget over here which is this I’ve already done the review of it and it was actually a cigarette lock. That is also a car gadget. It’s a jumper cable and 18:1 it has lots of functions. It is good for indoor and outdoor. But we will not talk about that writing a lot because we are here for this post so I’m just going to plug into this cigarettes look.

This is just like a car. That’s a cop car power bag actually that is other cars get it only I’m the plug. I have plugged in and you can see it has a button over here the press down there and started working. The attachment will go like this if I want like say this attachment. I required just put like that into second. It is fixed and despite that thing will actually go over here. That’s it very easy.

Let’s keep that there and you can actually clean things take out the suction power lots of the invalided hike high pressure is there guess. I got everything you can just use another attachment to the insulator actually how to using so two seconds another attachment garage. We’ll do some tests with water and dust also in two seconds two minutes but before that let me show you all the things it has what function it has with it just take that pipe again off.

It very easy to remove and again this mandrel it back. I symbol it back okay it also has here if you put your pipe here, it is a suction. It sucks all the dirt and next function is inflating function which actually throws the throws the air of and for that. You need to put your a pipe over here and like this just put that down and it will actually now throw the air out. If you would put here.

It will suck the air. It is a work as a vacuum cleaner and when you put over here. It will work as a blower it will blow the air up. So it has two functions very beautiful this is and it is a dry and wet so there is no problem. If there is a wet situation, you can just do that also okay just let me now go and put some dust over here and some water and we’ll test that. I’m back and here it is some particles over here.

I just cut out the pieces of paper to show your demo. Let’s clean that put then, there I’ll give this let’s turn it on taking out the power of that’s why I write most of it. Because I let’s turn this thing off and now we will do a test of we will do now a test of a water. So here it is a water over here and I hope I’m going water over there. Maybe you can see that hopefully. Now this time I will use actually this one to grab that water.

Let’s turn it on what gone one you can see this water totally gone the just little bit of the little bit. The wait is over there remaining. So I will use actually now this again back to suck that remaining 1:31 now. If I want to just blow that water Android. I can just fix this pipe over there and I can use this vacuum cleaner as a blower and blow that all the water right now. There is no water over here just little bit wait is there.

Because this is an actual foam type material. So it sucks a little bit. So that just a review of this thing I just lower it. So I thought it will be better to make articles book for the people’s everyone would just like to see this. Thanks for watching and this is a really tiny mic thing for the prize and this is really good you just can take anywhere. It is not heavy at all but the sucking power is really good as a huge vacuum cleaner and if you want to use this in in your home then here.

It is that power back which I have connected right now with this-this power pack actually has a jumper cable also just let me go through a crew through it just in two seconds. You can use this actual indium. It has a jumper cable. It has a dynamo or to charge this thing back. It has a flashlight over here emergency light flashlight. Let’s say emergency light and if you put again back very pipe here.

If you want to know more Wagan 750 Wet and Dry Ultra Vac with Air Inflator, you can watch the video below to reference:

It is a battery indicator you can charge this also with a wall plug it has inbuilt 110-volt inverter over here and this is the plot of love from that. If you will just do this inverter is on you can just put your any laptop which is 150 watt over 150 watts actually. It works till 150 watts. It has a secret logout just we use that thing with this. So if you want to use that home, you can get this and this is also works really good for a car for emergency times.

It has a USB charger it has a wall output over here it has this everything inside it, which has actually insulator the tire inflator inbuilt. It is actually 18 one set. I just load this lot and I have a 30 minutes post very detail review. So I have given a link above paragraph for these both things these are really dynamited things and I just loved it so made a post out of it. Thanks for reading and I see you later.


Hello Everybody! It’s Mike and today I got you all looking at the two utility data for waterproof. So starting out with King Davenport.


I’m going to start with the sole. I like starting with the soles the Davenport sole slip-resistant 90-degree defined heel and you see all these little hexagonal patterns that are going on here those are all little slip-resistant pads. They’re different sizes and shapes in order to keep you from falling on yours. But wonderful design the other thing that doesn’t stand out just by looking at it until you kind of takes a deeper look at this whole.

It’s concave. It’s higher on the edges than it is in the middle and you don’t really feel it until you are in contact with water or oil. When you have these things out and you step in a puddle on a smooth floor. You’re going to understand why a concave here a thin sole boot is really important. Because it just sticks. It’s like glue you become spider-man on what surfaces.

Now the Davenport has the classic keen utility to the rubberized toe. So you can kick stuff all day long and keen utility even backs the rubber with some ever guard. You use ever guard on the toe and on the heel. So you can kick them on and off. You can just keep this boot together longer. Now keyless this boot as a medium duty boot. It’s not a heavy duty boot which makes us.

Because there’s no metal if a nonmetallic boot all the hardware the shank everything in the boot including the composition toe. There is no metal so you guys out at the airport you. We’ve got to do baggage handling work on the tarmac in and out of the rain hot cold weather all that stuff Airport guys perfect boot for you, so about that shank. It’s a TPU shank. So it’s not going to be the best.

If you’re let’s say a plumber or landscaper there would be a great boot for that kind of environment landscaping plumbing and whatnot the TPU shank is not going to allow you to spend all day on the shovel kicking it. It’s not the best. It’s not the strongest but for any other sort of work outside of kicking a shovel. The TPU shank is the great plus. You’re getting that 90 degrees defined heel in there so that means you’re going to be able to lock into things.

I mentioned that it’s all plastic hardware and you should not be afraid of the plastic hardware. Because it is high-impact plastic. We’re not talking water bottle plastic and we’re not talking your kids toy plastic. We’re talking heavy-duty plastic hair stuff is going to hold up to the work environment and Kincannon knows that. That’s why they use it now the laces and the lacing system is really pull from the outdoor world. The hiking market, the way this thing laces in and sucks into the foot is more like a hiking boot than a work boot ever has been and it shows and it helps.


It’s really comfortable laced up work boot. Keen is using what they call keen drives and if you know anything about keen. If you’ve worn King you know that keen drives are a pretty good waterproofing membrane. What you’re going to notice with this boot outside of some of the other kings? You’ve had in the past is just the attention to detail they took on the inside of the boot.

There are things going on inside here I just can’t get any photographs of I can’t even get any video cameras in there to show off. But there are some really nice details and one of those things is the way the King dries the bootie is situated inside. This book is that it goes from about right here all the way down into the toe section into the heel and it’s in that heel section that King knew that they just couldn’t have that liner in there.

So they attached a piece of leather in the heel pad and it’s such a nice material that when your foot is laced into this with this hiking lacing system with that heel cup and that heel material. The boot is really locked into your foot it becomes part of you. It is comped. It’s asymmetrical onto the weight King makes all their safety toe boots. It’s a little bit wider and longer on one side higher and more room on the other side for your big toe for just the way your toes fit and conform to the insides of a boot now the insole well.

It’s a keen sock liner like every other keen utility out there they use the sock liner and when it comes to key utility boots with these sock liners. They really do hold up and key utility does a really good job of not depending on the sock liner. But depending on the midsole and the outer sole in just what’s going on inside the whole boot to make a really comfortable boot.

Keen incorporated a material inside here called clean sport and XT which is an older control type material. It’s a work boot your feet are going to get stinky. I haven’t had any feedback from any of the guys on the other boots that have this odor control material in there. But I read almost all the science on it. I’ve seen what the company offers and it looks like it’s going to work.

It’s going to be antimicrobial type material and adding that to a work boot or any sort of odor control to a work boot just makes sense in this day and age with all the polypropylene socks with all the wicking materials. Your boots are going to get soaked so having something in there to break down a little bit of that stink is not a bad deal so about a size and fit well. When it comes to the keen utility the thing you got to remember if you’ve got a wide foot narrow arch narrow heel keen utilities are the most comfortable boots for you.

Because of the way they build the asymmetrical toe because they always incorporate this really tight arch and a tight heel cup. You’re going to get a really good fit usually you find guys that played sports that have had their feet abused from football baseball track stuff like that the high school type sports that you have a wider front of the foot just from slapping your foot around.  

Keen really works out well now for as much as Keens got going on inside these boots. You would expect them to be kind of heavy both think about this compo all nonmetallic hardware a nonmetallic shank. So you’re getting a lot of lightweight materials the weight comes into the slip resistant sole the midsole in just the leather and just the toe materials. That’s going to add some weight but still even with all those materials.

They’re the only way in at 4 pounds so that’s the devil waterproof calm tone a metallic hardware by a keen utility. If you’re currently wearing any of the keen utility Footwear please comment below let guys know what you think about the asymmetrical steel toe. If you currently have anything that has their slip resistant sole on it also comment below. Let guys know just how great this solar is on the wet surface?  If you’re interested in seeing some detail photos of this keen utility Davenport swing by the I’ll have a blog posting with some interesting stuff about the clean sports NXT odor control liner.

If you want to know more KEEN UTILITY DAVENPORT, you can watch the video below to reference:

I’ll have some of the numbers on the keying drives for how it works and the slip-resistant numbers for the sole all in a blog posting all at the boot guy comm all titled keen utility Devonport. Hey please don’t forget to hit my share button below. It really helps out and if you’re interested you can always follow me on Instagram and Twitter all week long and find an interesting boot.

I’m not taking some photos of these interesting boots and I’m posting it to those two services hey if you’re about to pick up a pair of keen utility boots no matter which one it is from the brand. You’ve got a few question about size fits whether or not it’s going to be the right type of boot for your line of work remember with a TPU shank. It doesn’t always work out the best in most environments. So if you’ve got some questions remember to shoot me over an email alright until next time I’m the boot guy and thanks a lot for reading.

Work Boot Review: WOLVERINE MOC-TOE 6 #W08288

Hello, Everybody! Today under boot, we’re talking about the Wolverines 6-inch nonsteel toe work wedge boot.


The Wolverine warp wedge boot is a very basic boot. It’s the same technology. They’ve been using since the late 70s into the 80s. There’s nothing really the write home about here outside of the fact that. It’s a good boot. It’s comfortable. It’s a work boot and it’s a price point work boot. Wolverine uses a very nice soft but strong leather.

It’s similar to a pair of gloves. If I had to compare this leather to a pair of heavy-duty work gloves. That’s the type of leather it feels like the actual construction of the boot. Because it is a price point boot it is kind of a lower end boot in the realm of Wolverine. Today it kind of shows it shows that this isn’t the best thing that Wolverine is pushing out but for a work boot.

That’s usually going to be at or under a hundred bucks. It’s not a bad choice for a guy that’s in a pinch the sole is a very basic wedge sole oil resistant slip resistant type sole single density. It’s a blown sole and it’s a blown material to get it to be so light and fluffy lots of air is mixed in with here. So it’s got a lot of bounce now the one thing. The sole is not going to be really good for is abrasion.

My Advice For You

So if you’re walking a lot of freshly poured concrete or rough metal surfaces. This sole though it’s going to feel that it’s kind of sticky at first as you wear through the traction on it. It’s going to start to feel like an ice skate now when you go inside the boot what you’re going to find is it’s just leather insole? There’s no insulation. There’s a light cotton material that has been put into the vamp of the boot.

But everything else is just leather the tongue is padded with the exact same type of padding that you’ll find in like a stuffed animal or a children’s toy now as for an insult Wolverine sends along this footbed. It’s nothing great. It’s just a footbed that sits on top of a hardboard but what is nice is? That Wolverine perforated it so you’re going to get some airflow inside the boot.

Because it’s not an insulated boot and it’s not lined with anything. It’s definitely not waterproof but it is going to get hot and sweaty. Because of the coating of the leather in order to get it to look like this. It’s going to make it a little bit warmer for an unlined boot the laces in the eyelids on the boot are just as you would expect for a price point boot. They’re  going to work they’re going to do what?

They’re supposed to do they’re going to keep your boot tied and it’s going to come off easy at night when you’re dead tired after a 15-hour day. Now is it the most durable stuff in the world no. It’s not but it’s not the most expensive boot in the world now the fit sizing comfort and all the wearability of this boot. Is it not great? It’s nothing to write home about it’s not the type of boot.

You’re going to brag to your friends about that. It’s the most comfortable thing in the world they’re guys if you’re going to be doing some real work in this thing. You might want to upgrade into a different Wolverine. Because Wolverine makes some really amazing boots and you can buy some of most comfortable work boots for men at Shoes Cast.  This is not one of them this is a basic boot.

So that’s the Wolverine work wedge 6-inch nonsteel-toed boot. You’ve ever worn is Wolverine please comment below. Let guys know what you think about it how long last you did it died really quick was it one of those you chiller surprise? Because it lasts to a year and a half comment below. Let guys know if you want to know more about this. We’ll bring on the history of moving check out my website though calm there.

If you want to know more information about WOLVERINE MOC-TOE 6, you can watch the video below to reference:

I will have a full description and some detailed photos of this boot and a little brief history on the Wolverine company. Please don’t forget to share my post. It really hugs out and if you should have any boot questions about fit size style any of that stuff just send me an email pick my brain see what I got to say alright until the next time on the boot guy thanks a lot for reading.

Toaster Oven Review: Stainless Steel TSSTTVCG03

Hey there this is Oblivion the undaunted dad. Today we are going to be reviewing the austere countertop oven and this can be considered as best toaster oven 2017 with truthful reviews for everybody.

Our Opinion On Toaster Oven Stainless Steel TSSTTVCG03

We bought at a Costco about a month ago and we really like it so far it’s Model Ts SCTV GC.o 3 say that three times fast. It is like I said a Costco brand in a Costco product rather and as you know Costco carries and doesn’t carry things depending on when you need it. So we’re going to go over what this toaster oven like how-how works and give you some tips and tricks.

We did have a previous toaster oven from Costco that was a Cuisinart. But we really did not like it. Because it took an age to toast anything it was like 20 minute toast time so this thing is much much quicker. We really like it a lot better the other one was a convection slash toaster oven. But the toasting feature was really what we wanted most of and quick heating up and this really does the trick?

We’re very happy with it so far and like I said it’s been about a month I don’t like to give a review until we’ve used it for a little while so we can really know what we’re talking about. Let’s go over everything and thanks for reading, of course, one thing. You’ll get is the instruction manual and it’s pretty basic. It gives you a few pages of you know information and then some warnings have a bit used convection heat and then it gives you a bunch of recipes so ah nice little book.

You know we’ve cracked it open once or twice but not too often and the other thing that this comes with is a little cookie sheet so you can use this if you like to bake cookies on they say is a removable tray. It’s really nice and one feature that I like is this crumb tray, unfortunately, this unit does not have a bottom that opens up. I know some you know our Black & Decker we had a while back the bottom opened up and it was really easy to dump crumbs out so.

It works pretty well but you kind of have to be a little tricky when you take it out. Because you tilt it when you take it out and invariably some of the crumbs will fall off. You’re sweating it out but one way to resolve that is put a piece of foil underneath it. So you can catch any of the crumbs that fall out in the foil and you don’t have to mess with you know sticky cheese or whatever.

Overview Toaster Oven Stainless Steel TSSTTVCG03 For You

So you know if we’re doing that we’ll put a piece of foil underneath on top of this and you know making grilled cheese sandwiches or something like that. It’s great for making grilled cheese sandwiches actually and that will help keep the inside clean and not messy so that’s about this now this the placement of this rack is pretty important. Because if you’re if you want them to be looking at the top.

You know the top rack has positions good but if you don’t then you go to be putting it on the bottom because the top will get brown very quickly we usually do keep it on the middle rack. Because we like to use the bacon toast feature the most and this is great for doing that so what I’m going to do is? I’m going to heat up some lasagna really quick. So we can see how that is? And don’t worry I’ll fast forward it so you don’t have to wait in anticipation like me okay so I’ve got my hose on you here it’s from Easter.

I watched Italian so we do lasagna and ham and I’m going to go into here I sure to preheated this but you know I did so one thing you got to remember with this toaster oven is you have to turn it’s all done on a timer. So if you want to stay on you have to turn it all the way to the end here like this and it will stay on. But I don’t want to do that so one thing to remember is you have to turn the knob past 20 the time 20 time to get it to stay on.

Because if you just do this it won’t start heating up you have to turn it past 20 and then back so I’m going to pause for 10 minutes at 350 and I’m going to be baking it here bacon is top and bottom which I will show you right now okay so like I said baking is top and bottom and you can see that because there’s a line some heat and in another line so that means heats coming from both sides Broyles is of course.

Only the top toast is both warm is just keeping something warm and a turbo is the convection side of that where it heats things up quickly so of course. We’ve got below that we’ve got your temperature gauge and you know you go anywhere from warm up to roast. Which is 450 I’m Kate the – 350 right now and then lastly. You’ve got your timer and like I said you see that little note well it says turn to 20 and then to a desired time.

So you have to go past 20 and then you know go to 45 or 5 or 10 or whatever it is so that’s how that works to make sure you remember that because if you don’t you’re not going to be doing it too much cooking so the timer has a little toast. It’s about the 10 mark we find that 5 is more than enough. Because the toast gets brown real quick with this and this is a nice quick oven much better than a Cuisinart we had before so like I said right now.

I’m cooking my lasagna heating it up from Easter Sunday one thing with this oven is you’ll and probably a lot of ins is waiting to start heating up you’ll hear the metal you know pop and click a little bit of normal, not a big deal. But as you can see I put some foil down underneath my lasagna. Because it’s very cheesy and I certainly don’t want to clean up melt the cheese off of my oven so we’ve been about five minutes for the last five minutes.

I’m going to put on the turbo to get the convection part going so I can have some nice hot air circulating all around my lasagna and that will help speed things up and give me a yummy lunch you can hear the quiet and start going with the timer. It’s not too loud at all. I wouldn’t call this a hardcore convection other by any means. But it certainly does help all right so we’re just about done with my lasagna.

I don’t want it to get so hot that it’s too hot to eat so I’m going to stop just before that point nice and gooey cheesy here so I am going to take this foil out the photos not hot set that aside okay so my lasagna is done now. I’m going to piece of put a piece of toast in what you should do is turn the knob the temperature up all the way to 450? Which is toast put the top knob on toast and put my piece of toast in the Oh a nice piece of sourdough bread here?

If you want to learn more information about Toaster Oven Stainless Steel TSSTTVCG03, you can watch the video below to reference:

I’m going to turn it past 20 and then back up to 10. Which is the toast I’m sure? It’s going to be done before 10. Let’s see let’s get nice and brown toasty Brown hear that so as you can see it’s been about two minutes and the toast is just about done two and a half minutes. Maybe I think I’m going to take it out. Because I don’t want it to burn so that was certainly less than ten minutes less than five minutes even and I have a nice beautiful brown piece of toast if a little bit hot. I pull off my lasagna so there you go that’s the Oscar toaster oven from Costco.

I’ll provide a link in the notes it may or may not be available of course. So maybe I’ll put a link in there too but I hope you enjoyed it and they share this post. We’d really appreciate it thanks so much and hey let us know what you want to hear about in the comments. See you again.

Holster Review: Zorn Wraith Holster – The Best IWB Kydex?

Hi, everybody! Daniel Brain here. Today we are going to be taking a look at the Zorn Wraith holster.

Overview Zorn Wraith Holster For You

This is a holster that I bought just recently for my Glock 19. I previously carried only leather holsters typically Alesi holsters and I’ve had I think like most of you probably had on the use and some of the lower end models. But recently I kind of got on this Kydex kick. I have a PJ holster for the XDS 45, which my wife conveniently stole.

Because she loved it so much great little holster and I’ll kind of do some comparisons and I will do a separate post on this. But today we’re going to focus on this guy. This is probably one of the coolest and most and highest quality Kydex holsters that I’ve seen granted I haven’t seen them all and I’m not a professional in the in the area by any means. But very cool holster.

I mean even if you just do a comparison quality wise all of these guns are safety checked by the way just the level of detail that he puts into these Zorn holsters. I don’t know if you can see this on camera but the thickness of the Zorn look at that look at the difference between the Zorn. It, which is the gray one here and the PJ holster the green one here. I mean the thickness of these things is ridiculous.

The post is so sturdy that you can I mean it’s going to loosen up a little bit and one of the things that I do like is he puts these rubber washers in between the clip and the actual holster itself. You can see those on the camera there whereas the PJ. He just kind of does you know? I don’t want to say the lazy man’s job.

Some Of My Guide For You

But it’s probably the convenient way of just folding this over. This is not a review of the PJ but when I do the review of this. I had some frustrations, to say the least. I had to go back and heat it again and get it squeezed in to get it to actually snap a little tighter. So I’ll probably never order another one of these. But these I already contacted them and told them.

I’m already thinking of ordering the one just in a different color. Because originally I ordered the gray and it took a few weeks in the meantime my flat dark dearth the slide here and now I have a complex about it not matching like that matters. But so anyway uses big thick grommets in here can you see those big thick grommets and you can adjust the tension of the holster by simply squeezing me and tightening these.

These screws anymore another thing that you can do and I don’t know? If you can see it there’s a little dimple right there that is where it actually yeah it doesn’t snapper but it does kind of lock into that spot now on the PJ. I heated this and squeeze these in so much you see these here how deep these are that you actually get a snap when it clicks in at that part.

I do like but I had to do that myself the PJ did not come like that. So I’m probably going to take this Zorn and heat this and push it in a little bit more look at this though look how flush he owns all of these. I mean you can’t you can just barely see the clock sticking out right there just a little bit.

I mean but that is high-quality and if you look you can see he even has a channel in there in case you have like the excess big dot sights or something of that nature. There’s a nice channel groove down in there in case you did want to have a bigger set of sights on there so he really kind of thinks ahead on this great customer service, when I originally ordered I was thinking it would be.

You know two-three weeks to get him and but great communication on their part they kept me abreast of you know what the order status was and I reached out to him a few times an email just had some questions and Nate responded very quickly beautiful holster and you can buy it at the website: . I mean I can’t say enough the thickness of this clip is ridiculous. I love this thing every time. I put it on it bites great right on the bill we move the camera here get a great bite in your belt here.

If you want to learn more information about Zorn Wraith Holster, you can watch the video below to reference:

I mean that thing is not going anywhere the guns going to come out every time that holster will never come out so overall very impressed with the quality of this thing again this is the Zorn Wraith you can get them at Zorn holsters calm and be on the lookout for my review of the PJ holster I’ll probably be doing that here in the next couple days thanks guys. Please follow Oblivon.