High arches condition is one of the most popular issues with runners; especially when they maintain this activity on a regular basis. Although it is not difficult to treat, you should find out the main cause. If not, this state cannot eliminate at all. In this situation, you should have the right high-arched support as well as good high arches running shoes. Also, you need to receive the true treatment at the same time. And this article is for you right now!

Understand the cause of high-arched problems

For those who have high arches, there will be a huge amount of their weight put on their heel and ball on their foot. This usually takes pain and uncertainty.

Their feet often roll out than others. This issue can happen at any age and gender. They enable to occur in both feet and one foot only.

In general, the main cause of high-arched trouble comes from neurologic disorder. Sometimes, it can appear in some medical condition like cerebral palsy, polio, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, strokes, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, etc. Also, it is a consequence of a rooted structural malformation.

Some treatments of the high-arched condition

If you have a high arch, you will need to purchase good high arches running shoes with built-in padding.

Or you enable to have a right pair of shoes with a high-quality arch support system. These supports can minimize pressure by improving the impact in every step when running or walking. They also lift your body weight more than your feet.

Another solution is to adjust your daily activities to decrease stress on your feet. For example, you should run short distance instead of long roads.

On the flip side, for those who wear high heels all the time, they often have this condition. So, they should not wear this type of shoes on daily basis.

Suitable orthotic devices in your shoes are also another great treatment as they ought to offer more cushioning and firmness to your feet. An operation to modify your arches is quite good when a well-trained surgeon.

They will help you to keep your ankle and foot stable.  Your foot drop is also controlled. For those who have the neurologic disorder, they will be recommended the surgery.

How to choose good high arches running shoes

Your shape of feet

There are 3 main types of shape on your foot which are flat feet, a neutral one, and high arches. When you know your shape, choose the best shoes are not a difficult question. Remember your shape of feet when purchasing.

Cushioning level

Whether you get knee pain or high arches, your shoes should have an excellent cushioning level. The right pair of shoes for high arches mostly have cushioning put along with the outside of shoes and solve your issue when your foot roll out.

With neutral shoes, cushioning is also crucial, particularly in the heel area. They are not heavy and bulky as your foot does not roll toward. Also, these high-arches running shoes are made with more cushioning level, but the size and weight are similar to other shoes.

Today, you can see tons of cushioning level used in running shoes to assist arch support like gel, glycerin, foam cushioning, etc. Some shoes also have fixed padding while other shoes have separate ones.

How to know which ones is comfortable and suitable cushioning for your feet? Take your time to try them on with different shoes is the key.


Flexibility is another essential point to consider for everyone to choose a pair of shoes. It is also important for runners who have high arches.

Adaptability will get the rigidity of your feet back and distribute the influence in each footstep easier. The pliability of shoes relies on a soft upper.

The soles of each shoe also should be pliable. To know the flexibility, you enable to bend the shoes in different sides to check the level of that pair of shoes.

Shape of shoes

After realizing the shape of your feet, knowing the shape of shoes is also crucial. Pay attention to the running shoes with a curved last to offer you more neutral running experience. Your foot will be encouraged to get light pronation.

A slip fast is another feature to help you receive good footstep on each road as the shoes are flexible. Also, a good cushioning is also an extra point to add.


Besides of flexibility and cushioning level, good shoes for high-arched problem need to have solid stability. If the shoes cannot offer enough of it, then you could put more support in your shoes.

Time to select the running shoes

Most people ignore the time to choose their shoes. They can select these at any time they want to! You need to find out the expiration of your present shoes and see some local shop in your region. When entering the offline shoe shop, you should try shoes on in the evening or late afternoon to have the right shape of your feet.


The hurt truth is that most brands do not show which shoes are suitable for high-arches people and which ones are not. Thus, you should spend the time to do some in-depth knowledge before putting money in your wallet.