Hello, Everybody! Today under boot, we’re talking about the Wolverines 6-inch nonsteel toe work wedge boot.


The Wolverine warp wedge boot is a very basic boot. It’s the same technology. They’ve been using since the late 70s into the 80s. There’s nothing really the write home about here outside of the fact that. It’s a good boot. It’s comfortable. It’s a work boot and it’s a price point work boot. Wolverine uses a very nice soft but strong leather.

It’s similar to a pair of gloves. If I had to compare this leather to a pair of heavy-duty work gloves. That’s the type of leather it feels like the actual construction of the boot. Because it is a price point boot it is kind of a lower end boot in the realm of Wolverine. Today it kind of shows it shows that this isn’t the best thing that Wolverine is pushing out but for a work boot.

That’s usually going to be at or under a hundred bucks. It’s not a bad choice for a guy that’s in a pinch the sole is a very basic wedge sole oil resistant slip resistant type sole single density. It’s a blown sole and it’s a blown material to get it to be so light and fluffy lots of air is mixed in with here. So it’s got a lot of bounce now the one thing. The sole is not going to be really good for is abrasion.

My Advice For You

So if you’re walking a lot of freshly poured concrete or rough metal surfaces. This sole though it’s going to feel that it’s kind of sticky at first as you wear through the traction on it. It’s going to start to feel like an ice skate now when you go inside the boot what you’re going to find is it’s just leather insole? There’s no insulation. There’s a light cotton material that has been put into the vamp of the boot.

But everything else is just leather the tongue is padded with the exact same type of padding that you’ll find in like a stuffed animal or a children’s toy now as for an insult Wolverine sends along this footbed. It’s nothing great. It’s just a footbed that sits on top of a hardboard but what is nice is? That Wolverine perforated it so you’re going to get some airflow inside the boot.

Because it’s not an insulated boot and it’s not lined with anything. It’s definitely not waterproof but it is going to get hot and sweaty. Because of the coating of the leather in order to get it to look like this. It’s going to make it a little bit warmer for an unlined boot the laces in the eyelids on the boot are just as you would expect for a price point boot. They’re  going to work they’re going to do what?

They’re supposed to do they’re going to keep your boot tied and it’s going to come off easy at night when you’re dead tired after a 15-hour day. Now is it the most durable stuff in the world no. It’s not but it’s not the most expensive boot in the world now the fit sizing comfort and all the wearability of this boot. Is it not great? It’s nothing to write home about it’s not the type of boot.

You’re going to brag to your friends about that. It’s the most comfortable thing in the world they’re guys if you’re going to be doing some real work in this thing. You might want to upgrade into a different Wolverine. Because Wolverine makes some really amazing boots and you can buy some of most comfortable work boots for men at Shoes Cast.  This is not one of them this is a basic boot.

So that’s the Wolverine work wedge 6-inch nonsteel-toed boot. You’ve ever worn is Wolverine please comment below. Let guys know what you think about it how long last you did it died really quick was it one of those you chiller surprise? Because it lasts to a year and a half comment below. Let guys know if you want to know more about this. We’ll bring on the history of moving check out my website though calm there.

If you want to know more information about WOLVERINE MOC-TOE 6, you can watch the video below to reference:

I will have a full description and some detailed photos of this boot and a little brief history on the Wolverine company. Please don’t forget to share my post. It really hugs out and if you should have any boot questions about fit size style any of that stuff just send me an email pick my brain see what I got to say alright until the next time on the boot guy thanks a lot for reading.