Hi, everybody! Daniel Brain here. Today we are going to be taking a look at the Zorn Wraith holster.

Overview Zorn Wraith Holster For You

This is a holster that I bought just recently for my Glock 19. I previously carried only leather holsters typically Alesi holsters and I’ve had I think like most of you probably had on the use and some of the lower end models. But recently I kind of got on this Kydex kick. I have a PJ holster for the XDS 45, which my wife conveniently stole.

Because she loved it so much great little holster and I’ll kind of do some comparisons and I will do a separate post on this. But today we’re going to focus on this guy. This is probably one of the coolest and most and highest quality Kydex holsters that I’ve seen granted I haven’t seen them all and I’m not a professional in the in the area by any means. But very cool holster.

I mean even if you just do a comparison quality wise all of these guns are safety checked by the way just the level of detail that he puts into these Zorn holsters. I don’t know if you can see this on camera but the thickness of the Zorn look at that look at the difference between the Zorn. It, which is the gray one here and the PJ holster the green one here. I mean the thickness of these things is ridiculous.

The post is so sturdy that you can I mean it’s going to loosen up a little bit and one of the things that I do like is he puts these rubber washers in between the clip and the actual holster itself. You can see those on the camera there whereas the PJ. He just kind of does you know? I don’t want to say the lazy man’s job.

Some Of My Guide For You

But it’s probably the convenient way of just folding this over. This is not a review of the PJ but when I do the review of this. I had some frustrations, to say the least. I had to go back and heat it again and get it squeezed in to get it to actually snap a little tighter. So I’ll probably never order another one of these. But these I already contacted them and told them.

I’m already thinking of ordering the one just in a different color. Because originally I ordered the gray and it took a few weeks in the meantime my flat dark dearth the slide here and now I have a complex about it not matching like that matters. But so anyway uses big thick grommets in here can you see those big thick grommets and you can adjust the tension of the holster by simply squeezing me and tightening these.

These screws anymore another thing that you can do and I don’t know? If you can see it there’s a little dimple right there that is where it actually yeah it doesn’t snapper but it does kind of lock into that spot now on the PJ. I heated this and squeeze these in so much you see these here how deep these are that you actually get a snap when it clicks in at that part.

I do like but I had to do that myself the PJ did not come like that. So I’m probably going to take this Zorn and heat this and push it in a little bit more look at this though look how flush he owns all of these. I mean you can’t you can just barely see the clock sticking out right there just a little bit.

I mean but that is high-quality and if you look you can see he even has a channel in there in case you have like the excess big dot sights or something of that nature. There’s a nice channel groove down in there in case you did want to have a bigger set of sights on there so he really kind of thinks ahead on this great customer service, when I originally ordered I was thinking it would be.

You know two-three weeks to get him and but great communication on their part they kept me abreast of you know what the order status was and I reached out to him a few times an email just had some questions and Nate responded very quickly beautiful holster and you can buy it at the website: https://www.shootingaz.com/best-kydex-iwb-holster/ . I mean I can’t say enough the thickness of this clip is ridiculous. I love this thing every time. I put it on it bites great right on the bill we move the camera here get a great bite in your belt here.

If you want to learn more information about Zorn Wraith Holster, you can watch the video below to reference:

I mean that thing is not going anywhere the guns going to come out every time that holster will never come out so overall very impressed with the quality of this thing again this is the Zorn Wraith you can get them at Zorn holsters calm and be on the lookout for my review of the PJ holster I’ll probably be doing that here in the next couple days thanks guys. Please follow Oblivon.