Hey there this is Oblivion the undaunted dad. Today we are going to be reviewing the austere countertop oven and this can be considered as best toaster oven 2017 with truthful reviews for everybody.

Our Opinion On Toaster Oven Stainless Steel TSSTTVCG03

We bought at a Costco about a month ago and we really like it so far it’s Model Ts SCTV GC.o 3 say that three times fast. It is like I said a Costco brand in a Costco product rather and as you know Costco carries and doesn’t carry things depending on when you need it. So we’re going to go over what this toaster oven like how-how works and give you some tips and tricks.

We did have a previous toaster oven from Costco that was a Cuisinart. But we really did not like it. Because it took an age to toast anything it was like 20 minute toast time so this thing is much much quicker. We really like it a lot better the other one was a convection slash toaster oven. But the toasting feature was really what we wanted most of and quick heating up and this really does the trick?

We’re very happy with it so far and like I said it’s been about a month I don’t like to give a review until we’ve used it for a little while so we can really know what we’re talking about. Let’s go over everything and thanks for reading, of course, one thing. You’ll get is the instruction manual and it’s pretty basic. It gives you a few pages of you know information and then some warnings have a bit used convection heat and then it gives you a bunch of recipes so ah nice little book.

You know we’ve cracked it open once or twice but not too often and the other thing that this comes with is a little cookie sheet so you can use this if you like to bake cookies on they say is a removable tray. It’s really nice and one feature that I like is this crumb tray, unfortunately, this unit does not have a bottom that opens up. I know some you know our Black & Decker we had a while back the bottom opened up and it was really easy to dump crumbs out so.

It works pretty well but you kind of have to be a little tricky when you take it out. Because you tilt it when you take it out and invariably some of the crumbs will fall off. You’re sweating it out but one way to resolve that is put a piece of foil underneath it. So you can catch any of the crumbs that fall out in the foil and you don’t have to mess with you know sticky cheese or whatever.

Overview Toaster Oven Stainless Steel TSSTTVCG03 For You

So you know if we’re doing that we’ll put a piece of foil underneath on top of this and you know making grilled cheese sandwiches or something like that. It’s great for making grilled cheese sandwiches actually and that will help keep the inside clean and not messy so that’s about this now this the placement of this rack is pretty important. Because if you’re if you want them to be looking at the top.

You know the top rack has positions good but if you don’t then you go to be putting it on the bottom because the top will get brown very quickly we usually do keep it on the middle rack. Because we like to use the bacon toast feature the most and this is great for doing that so what I’m going to do is? I’m going to heat up some lasagna really quick. So we can see how that is? And don’t worry I’ll fast forward it so you don’t have to wait in anticipation like me okay so I’ve got my hose on you here it’s from Easter.

I watched Italian so we do lasagna and ham and I’m going to go into here I sure to preheated this but you know I did so one thing you got to remember with this toaster oven is you have to turn it’s all done on a timer. So if you want to stay on you have to turn it all the way to the end here like this and it will stay on. But I don’t want to do that so one thing to remember is you have to turn the knob past 20 the time 20 time to get it to stay on.

Because if you just do this it won’t start heating up you have to turn it past 20 and then back so I’m going to pause for 10 minutes at 350 and I’m going to be baking it here bacon is top and bottom which I will show you right now okay so like I said baking is top and bottom and you can see that because there’s a line some heat and in another line so that means heats coming from both sides Broyles is of course.

Only the top toast is both warm is just keeping something warm and a turbo is the convection side of that where it heats things up quickly so of course. We’ve got below that we’ve got your temperature gauge and you know you go anywhere from warm up to roast. Which is 450 I’m Kate the – 350 right now and then lastly. You’ve got your timer and like I said you see that little note well it says turn to 20 and then to a desired time.

So you have to go past 20 and then you know go to 45 or 5 or 10 or whatever it is so that’s how that works to make sure you remember that because if you don’t you’re not going to be doing it too much cooking so the timer has a little toast. It’s about the 10 mark we find that 5 is more than enough. Because the toast gets brown real quick with this and this is a nice quick oven much better than a Cuisinart we had before so like I said right now.

I’m cooking my lasagna heating it up from Easter Sunday one thing with this oven is you’ll and probably a lot of ins is waiting to start heating up you’ll hear the metal you know pop and click a little bit of normal, not a big deal. But as you can see I put some foil down underneath my lasagna. Because it’s very cheesy and I certainly don’t want to clean up melt the cheese off of my oven so we’ve been about five minutes for the last five minutes.

I’m going to put on the turbo to get the convection part going so I can have some nice hot air circulating all around my lasagna and that will help speed things up and give me a yummy lunch you can hear the quiet and start going with the timer. It’s not too loud at all. I wouldn’t call this a hardcore convection other by any means. But it certainly does help all right so we’re just about done with my lasagna.

I don’t want it to get so hot that it’s too hot to eat so I’m going to stop just before that point nice and gooey cheesy here so I am going to take this foil out the photos not hot set that aside okay so my lasagna is done now. I’m going to piece of put a piece of toast in what you should do is turn the knob the temperature up all the way to 450? Which is toast put the top knob on toast and put my piece of toast in the Oh a nice piece of sourdough bread here?

If you want to learn more information about Toaster Oven Stainless Steel TSSTTVCG03, you can watch the video below to reference:

I’m going to turn it past 20 and then back up to 10. Which is the toast I’m sure? It’s going to be done before 10. Let’s see let’s get nice and brown toasty Brown hear that so as you can see it’s been about two minutes and the toast is just about done two and a half minutes. Maybe I think I’m going to take it out. Because I don’t want it to burn so that was certainly less than ten minutes less than five minutes even and I have a nice beautiful brown piece of toast if a little bit hot. I pull off my lasagna so there you go that’s the Oscar toaster oven from Costco.

I’ll provide a link in the notes it may or may not be available of course. So maybe I’ll put a link in there too but I hope you enjoyed it and they share this post. We’d really appreciate it thanks so much and hey let us know what you want to hear about in the comments. See you again.