Hey, what’s going on guys chatter with Mike and welcome to this new of post? So today we’re talking about one of my very favorite kinds of guns. We’re talking about 1911. It’s been around for a very long time. It’s got that iconic look shoots so smooth. It’s just a great gun and there’s a lot of people out there who kind of want to get into 1911. But they don’t know, where to start? So they just search best 1911 for the money and are blown away by the prices.

Top 3 Best 1911 Pistol Handguns Under $1000

You know there are people paying thousands and thousands of dollars for those really high-end in 1911 even kind of more on the mid to high-end range. You’re still looking above $1000. So I wanted to put together this list of the top three best 1911 under $1000 to give some of you. Who is maybe looking to get into that range? Who wants to still get a good quality gun?

But maybe don’t want to drop a huge amount of cash on it. So today we’re here at discount guns and ammo near Salt Lake City Utah as always big shout out to these guys awesome people great range great store just a great atmosphere here. So if you’re near Salt Lake City definitely check them out their information will be down in the link above paragraph.

So let’s dive into the guns if you’re just getting into 1911’s and aren’t quite sure what one is and all the kind of specifics of one we do have a post going over all the basics of 1911. You can check that out right here so assuming that you know all the basics.

Ruger SR9

Let’s dive in number three on our list is the Ruger sr9 teen 11. This is the four-inch barrel. There’s a five-inch barrel there’s a couple different colors and designs and stuff. So check out the website to see all the different versions available. But I want to talk about this one specifically. Because it’s such a good price. It’s such a good value for your money. Let’s put it that way you know it’s kind of built on that very traditional 1911 frame with a couple differences.

You have this extended beaver tail here to really really kind of shield your hand and help out be getting shooters and stuff. Because this slide that thing will cut you up fast. If you don’t know what you’re doing? It’s got a skeletonized hammer back here for a little bit faster cycling. It’s got a skeletonize trigger as well as you know it’s adjustable on that trigger so and then the website also talks about things like the barrel and the bushing being cut from the same block of steel to improve accuracy.

I don’t know how far that goes with the average shooter, but I will say I’ve had a pretty good experience with this you know I’ve shot this gun quite a bit and for the price value. It’s a good shooting gun you know it feels solid like I said so why is this number three on the list well. There are a couple things you’ve given up with that price difference one thing is you know with 1911 there are so many moving parts so many parts that are hooking together.

But when they’re all just kind of CNC machined together like a gun like this the tolerances are a little bit different than some of the really high-end stuff. You may have heard people talk about like a real glass slide that slides just super easy and it’s so smooth. This isn’t one of those guns. You’ve got a little bit of resistance and it’s just kind of a little bit. I don’t know it’s maybe not quite as smooth as other slides the other thing.

I’m going to say is this trigger. It’s certainly still a very good trigger. It’s just got a little bit of creep. You know when you take it back to that wall. You take up the slack and you pull through. It’s not just a tiny bit of creep and then it breaks once. It actually does break. It’s relatively crisp the reset has a little bit of resistance kind of stuttery before you actually hit it. It’s just not one of those really really high-end triggers but it is your first 1911.

It’s a trigger. That’s going to get you use to that style and you’re really going to be able to learn pretty easily on this thing finally let’s talk about price point on this thing as usual price is really hard to discuss. Because it changes so much depending on when you read this post where you are all these different kinds of things. But I will tell you discount guns and Hamill in Salt Lake City as of the time this post is being made has this gun for 719 dollars and 99 cents.

So well under our thousand dollar price point and it’s just it’s a really good gun. It’s a really good value for that price keep in mind you know the different colors and the different models and stuff are going to vary on that price a little bit but that gives you a pretty good ballpark.

Remington in 1911 R1

Number two on our list and I was weighing them out a bunch. But I ended up going with the Remington in 1911 r1 enhanced for number two. This is a fantastic gun for the price. You know it’s kind of geared a little more towards that competition look and stuff. It’s maybe not quite as traditional looking but keep in mind there is also a Remington r1 in just a regular r1 1911 that kind of falls in line with maybe the Ruger sr9 1011.

Those are pretty close in quality but this enhanced one kind of brings it to the next level for those competition shooters for those guys. Who wants to shoot a little bit more? Maybe seriously so this thing is awesome. It’s still got a lot of these fancy features. We’ve got the skeletonized hammer in the back for quick recycling. We’ve got a skeletonized match-grade trigger this trigger is very good and it is adjustable for an overtravel on the sights.

You’ve got blacked-out rears and a front red fiber-optic. I really like that when shooting outdoors and stuff that fiber-optic just gather so much light and by just using front sight focus that thing just pops right on the target. I really like that the extended beavertail safety again just to make sure your hand is out of the way and safe. If your shooting competition or something like that you’re throwing a lot of rounds downrange.

You don’t want to be thinking about if your hands going to get cut up or something like that. It’s also got an extended thumb safety this one also has the front serrations as well as the rear serrations on the slide here and then it comes with kind of an extended mag. So you’re holding eight rounds as opposed to the traditional seven rounds in 1911. I think it comes with two of these magazines.

This r1 enhanced is a great gun taking a step up from that Ruger sr9 teen 11. I was talking about the slide maybe not being quite as smooth as some of the other guns. This one is definitely a step in the right direction. It’s much much smoother the tall options are a little bit better. You’re still getting a little bit of play in there but that’s to be expected in this price range but overall. I mean the smoothness of this thing is a great buy for this price.

We’re going to step up from that Ruger sr9 teen eleven is the trigger on this guy. So it is adjustable for overtravel and it this one just kind of takes away that creep that you felt on that last one. So if you take up the slack on this trigger. You’ll hit that nice wall and there’s very little slack and then once you pull through. It’s a very crisp pull. You don’t get any of that kind of stutter e creep that you got in the other models and the rest is quite a big difference.

You’ve got a little bit of travel but it’s very smooth. It’s not kind of jumbly and stuttery like before this gun is meant for competition. It’s meant for serious shooters and for the price point. That it’s hard to beat.

Springfield 1911 A1

Let’s talk about products point on this thing again you’re going to have a lot of variation in price depending on the model and the designs that you choose but for this one specifically this guns and ammo have it listed for $999.99. So just barely coming in under that thousand dollar price point. So finally coming in at number one is the Springfield 1911 a1 range officer model.

This thing is just so hard to beat in that sub thousand dollar category. It’s just got it all match grade trigger a match grade barrel target sights. This one specifically is chambered a nine-millimeter. It comes in nine and forty-five. I’m a nine-millimeter guy. So I love that it comes in nine millimeters. You can get nine rounds in these magazines shooting a nine millimeter is a smooth already throw that on a five-inch steel frame and man this thing is a dream to shoot.

You’ve got all these same nice features like your extended beaver tail. You’ve got a really skeletonized ow hammer just for fast cycling. You’ve got a skeletonize trigger which is again adjustable for over travel. That is aluminum match grade trigger by the way and then the sights up. You’ve got front fiberoptic as well as an adjustable rear a blacked out sight and then like I mentioned you’ve got nine rounds in this thing so an overall beast of a gun.

What we’ve really been talking about on the last two is the slide and the trigger and how that kind of set them apart from each other? So let’s check this slide out for the sub-1000 dollar price range that thing is crazy smooth. That’s about as glass as it gets for under that thousand dollar price range and that triggers got just a tiny bit of travel to that wall a very very distinct wall and then once.

You hit that wall zero creeps. It’s really nice and the rest is very crisp as well. So you combine the slide the smoothness of the slide you know just the fit of all the components. You can tell how tight everything fits together in this gun as well as that trigger and this thing is that. It’s a shoo-in for number one on this list right now discount guns and ammo have this gun listed at 980 $9.99 to $10 under that previous Remington r1 enhanced.

It has that buttery smooth slide and that ultra crisp trigger. It’s got the match-grade barrel the match-grade trigger and it just feels so good. I also love the fact that comes in nine-millimeter and 45 and again. There’s a bunch of different design sizes colors everything for this gun. So if you’re interested in it makes sure to check out my website and you can see everything they have to offer in order to keep these post short.

I just kind of have to give a brief overview of the highlights of these guns but of course, there is a lot more kind of technical specifications. If that’s something you’re into definitely check out that respective website. They’ve got all that stuff listed out for you so there you have it/ There’s our list of the top three best 1911 under $1000. There are a bunch more guns out there what do you guys think you agree with this list do you disagree with this list. What would you put on this list leave me a comment down below?

Let’s help out all these future people that are going to be viewing this post. Let’s get them you know a good comment section to go through some more options as well but overall. I’m really happy with these choices. I think if you went with either three of these choices. It’s not only would you be very happy with the quality of the gun. But your wallet would be very happy in terms of the quality that you’re getting for that dollar value.

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